Rapid access to advanced radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer

Rapid access to advanced radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer
Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR)

The clinical team at GenesisCare has a nationally leading profile in the treatment of pancreatic cancer with high-precision stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) using the MRIdian MR-linac technology at our centres in Oxford and London. We were the first to introduce this technique into routine use in the UK, the first to undertake a clinical trial looking at shortening treatment times, and the first to use it to treat borderline resectable, inoperable and metastatic disease. Our extensive experience of delivering high-dose SABR safely and effectively, in combination with surgery and chemotherapy where appropriate, means our service stands among the best in the world.

MRIdian allows us to deliver higher doses of radiation than is typically possible with standard radiotherapy machines, increasing the chance of tumour control and thereby potentially prolonging life expectancy and quality of life. Patients are typically treated in five sessions over 1-2 weeks, with each session taking under an hour. Treatment is entirely non-invasive, and every patient has access to our comprehensive supportive care package. You can read more about MRIdian here

Treatment within 5 days of referral

People with pancreatic cancer need quick access to treatment. We’re therefore proud to offer a Rapid Access Pathway for those with pancreatic cancer that hasn’t spread outside the pancreas. Eligible patients start treatment within five working days of their oncologist agreeing treatment with them, and the referral being received. This approach maximises the chance of getting the best outcome from treatment, and is available to patients with private medical insurance or those who wish to self-fund their care.

Referral criteria for the Rapid Access Pathway are as follows:

  • Biopsy-proven (or MDT-sanctioned) diagnosis of borderline resectable, locally advanced or locally recurrent pancreatic cancer
  • Approved for treatment by the GenesisCare SABR MDT, which requires whole-body CT or PET imaging within the previous six weeks as well as full clinical details and review of imaging
  • No contra-indication to MRI
  • No previous pancreatic radiotherapy

For more details, contact pancreas@genesiscare.co.uk