Effective treatment for benign diseases

GenesisCare is one of the UK’s leading providers of radiotherapy and we’re rated in the top 1% of healthcare providers worldwide.

We work with consultants who are nationally renowned specialists in low-dose radiotherapy to treat benign conditions. They have extensive experience of how to achieve the best possible treatment outcome.

Benign diseases that can benefit from radiotherapy include certain problems with your hands or feet. We offer radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s disease, Ledderhose disease, Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Radiotherapy can help prevent your symptoms from getting worse and can also improve your symptoms. This treatment may be suitable for you if other treatments haven’t worked or as an alternative to surgery. We offer these treatments through our clinics The Dupuytren’s Practice and The Heel Pain Practice.

We also offer low-dose radiotherapy for keloid scars after surgery. A keloid scar is a lumpy, raised, overgrown scar that can sometimes develop when a wound heals, or even after very minor skin damage such as acne. There are many treatments available, but the results vary – as often the keloid scar returns, or treatment can take a long time to take effect. Surgery combined with precision radiotherapy (or occasionally radiotherapy on its own) can help – studies show that the scar will not regrow in 9 out of 10 people.

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Fast diagnosis and treatment

All patients can be seen quickly by video-consultation or face-to-face at our clinics in London, Guildford and Chelmsford. Treatment can start sooner after an initial consultation

A choice of locations

For your convenience, your treatment can be provided at any of our 14 GenesisCare centres in the UK


All patients will be seen by one of a team of experienced consultants, led by Dr Richard Shaffer, who is an expert in this field

Innovation and excellence

We use the latest advancements in radiotherapy technology and have exceptional standards of patient care and support

Does it work?

Radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s and Ledderhose disease

Radiotherapy can slow down the progress of Dupuytren’s disease so you’re less likely to need surgery. In radiotherapy for Ledderhose disease, most people find it improves their foot nodules, mobility and pain.

Plantar fasciitis

Studies have shown most people find their pain is reduced and more people get pain relief from radiotherapy for plantar fasciitis compared to steroid injections.

Achilles tendonitis

Results from a large study showed that up to 95% of all patients responded well to radiotherapy for Achilles tendonitis.

Keloid scars

Radiotherapy is used after surgery to prevent the keloid scar from recurring. Studies show that the scar will not regrow in 9 out of 10 people.

Clinical excellence

Clinical excellence

Safety is our priority

Your consultant will assess your condition and previous treatments before recommending radiotherapy with a treatment plan carefully tailored to you. We use low-dose radiation so there’s less chance of side effects compared to high-dose radiotherapy used when treating cancer.

Paying for your treatment

You can pay for radiotherapy for benign diseases yourself (self-pay) or it’s covered by most major private medical insurance providers. This will depend on your policy and other providers may fund on a case-by-case basis. We can help you find out.

If you want to self-pay for your treatment, there are many ways you can pay and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote for your treatment. Contact us today for an estimate.