Professor P.G. Roy

  • FRCS (General Surgery), MD, MS
  • Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon


Awards received

  • ASCO travelling Fellowship 2009
  • Clinical Excellence awards (Level 5)
  • Research grant from industry for an international trial in breast reconstruction with ADM.

Clinical interests

  • Breast reconstruction
  • Oncoplastic Breast surgery
  • Breast pain; breast lump, lump in the armpit
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Benign breast diseases,
  • Male breast enlargement
  • Breast cancer treatment
  • Hereditary breast cancer counselling
  • Lymph node biopsy
  • SLNB
  • FNAC
  • Biopsy
  • One stop clinic
  • Mammoplasty
  • Partial breast reconstruction
  • Perforator flaps
  • Cosmetic breast surgery

Publications and affiliations

  1. Roy PG, Verhoeven D. Neoadjuvant dual amti-Her-2 therapy for early breast cancer: where do we stand? Gland Surgery 2020 Oct 9(5):1167-69. doi: 10.1111/ejn.14294. Epub 2019 Jan 6
  2. Nanda A, Hu J, Hodgkinson S, Raisnbury R, Roy PG. Cochrane protocol for ‘Oncoplastic breast-conserving surgery for women with primary breast cancer’ published in Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Issue 6, June 2020.
  3. Lohmander F, Lagergren J, Johansson H, Roy PG, Frisell J, Frandberg Y. Quality of life and patient satisfaction after implant-based breast reconstruction with or without acellular dermal matrix: randomized clinical trial. BJS Open 2020 Aug 6.
  4. Simon Lord, Jennifer Collins, Wei-Chen Cheng, Alastair Thompson, Pankaj Roy, Christian Frezza, Francesca Buffa, Fredrik Karpe, and Adrian Harris. Transcriptomic analysis of human primary breast cancer identifies fatty acid oxidation as a target for metformin  British Journal of Cancer 2020 Jan;122(2):256-265.
  5. Increasing the incidence of drain-free day-case mastectomies with the use of a fibrin tissue sealant; data from a single surgical center in the United Kingdom. Harrison C, Remoundos D, Harvey K, Stoker G, MacLean G, Adwani A, Roy PG. Breast J. 2019 Jul 23. doi: 10.1111/tbj.13419. [Epub ahead of print]

Professional memberships

  • British Association of Breast Surgeons (ABS)
  • Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (ASGBI)
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
  • European School of Surgical Oncology (ESSO)
  • Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM)