Services at GenesisCare in Cambridge

GenesisCare is the UK’s leading independent cancer treatment provider offering chemotherapy, radiotherapy and diagnostics.

Our Cambridge outpatient centre is one of 14 centres across the UK providing world-class cancer diagnostics and treatments. Working closely with leading health professionals and investing in cutting-edge treatments, we offer some of the UK’s most advanced cancer therapies.

Patients can expect to receive the very best personalised care and a treatment plan which also embraces life-changing approaches such as wellbeing therapies.

No waiting lists means treatment can start within days of diagnosis, if necessary.

Our breast service

Our One Stop Breast Clinic is a same-day, triple diagnostic assessment service for people concerned about their breasts with seamless progression from comprehensive diagnosis to breast cancer treatment if needed.

Patients are seen by a breast surgeon who will discuss their symptoms and undertake an examination and request any tests that are required including mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. The images are reported on immediately by our on-site radiologist who discusses the results with our breast surgeons.

Patients have access to a breast clinical nurse specialist who can answer further questions.

If a biopsy is required, the results are made available at a follow-up appointment with the consultant. A copy of these results is shared with the patient’s GP.

All biopsy results are reviewed at a GenesisCare Breast Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meeting, which includes surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and oncologists where treatment plans are discussed and appropriate action is agreed.

If no evidence of breast cancer is found, the results are discussed with the patient in detail together with any advice or reassurances. If the biopsy does show the presence of a cancer, we are able to discuss with the patient the next steps required to move towards appropriate treatment, without delay.

Download a referral form for our One Stop Breast Clinic

Meet our breast team


Mr Simon Pain,          Mr Amit Agrawal,        Dr David Newman,      Dr James Tanner,
Breast surgeon          Breast surgeon           Radiologist                   Radiologist


Dr Victoria Ames,       Felicia Driver,              Saffron Fairey,            Isabelle Davis,
Radiologist                 Mammographer          Breast clinical           Outpatient healthcare
nurse specialist          assistant

Our UrologyHub service

UrologyHub is a consultant-led service providing a single point of referral for the diagnostic assessment of problems related to the urinary tract or male reproductive system.

Any symptomatic or concerned patient can see a consultant in a specialist urology clinic setting and undergo any necessary diagnostic assessments during the same appointment, or soon after. Patients can be referred by their GP to a urologist with the appropriate specialism or, if they choose to self-refer, they will be triaged by a urology nurse and referred to an appropriate urologist.

We offer a wide range of urology specialist procedures supported by the expert knowledge of our consultant-led urology team.

Our specialist procedures include:

  • Spacer for prostate treatment – this is an organ-sparing gel which significantly reduces side effects for urinary, bowel and erectile dysfunction. At GenesisCare in Cambridge, we perform this under local anaesthetic
  • Transperineal biopsy
  • Flexible cystoscopy
  • Flow rate and bladder scan
  • Urinalysis

Our aim is to provide a fast diagnosis and expert opinion, together with any further investigative or treatment pathway. Patients are supported by a multidisciplinary team during their initial consultation and any further appointments to ensure a smooth transition from investigation to treatment, if needed.

Our surgeons have pioneered many innovative treatments and together provide a broad service, enabling patients to be referred to an appropriate specialist.

We operate as multidisciplinary teams (MDTs), which includes surgeons, radiologists, radiographers, pathologists and oncologists. This ensures the highest levels of clinical governance through a process of peer review.

Find out more about our UrologyHub service

Meet our urology team


Mr Oliver Wiseman,   Mr Kasra Saeb-Parsy, Prof Christof Kastner, Mr Nimish Shah,
Urologist                     Urologist                     Urologist                     Urologist


Mr Jim Armitage,       Mr Tev Aho,                Mr Benjamin Lamb,     Natalie Taylor,
Urologist                     Urologist                   Urologist                       Outpatient nurse specialist

Care focused on the individual

We believe care should be focused on the patient as an individual, not the condition. We believe care should be available when and where your patients need it most and it should be designed to help give the best life outcomes possible.

“Thank you to the team at GenesisCare…. everyone showed great kindness.”
– patient at GenesisCare in Cambridge

How to access

We are recognised by all the private health insurers for outpatients, diagnostics and cancer treatment. Our patients receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy are offered access to evidence-based wellbeing therapies through our partnership with cancer charity Penny Brohn UK and a personalised prescription for exercise medicine. A GP referral letter is usually required in order for the patient to gain pre-authorisation from their insurer. For patients who wish to self-fund, prices are available from the centre.

All 14 of our specialist oncology outpatient centres can treat without delay and are able to accept new referrals. We are operating a safe environment, with modified practices to protect patients and staff and many of our centres operate as stand-alone clinics. Find out more