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  • GenesisCare is the first in the UK to go live with a chemotherapy drug library over a wireless DERS system

GenesisCare is the first in the UK to go live with a chemotherapy drug library over a wireless DERS system

We’re delighted to announce that GenesisCare is the first in the UK to go live with a chemotherapy drug library over a wireless DERS system, that has so far been deployed from one server to 5 of our outpatient oncology centres, and will shortly be available at all 6 GenesisCare chemotherapy sites.

Further to our successful deployment at the centre in Milton Keynes, GenesisCare have now installed the ICU Medical Plum 360™ infusion pumps in combination with the ICU Medical MedNet™ enterprise-class IV medication management platform.

Adoption of the ‘Best in KLAS’ Plum 360 smart infusion pumps, with their unique cassette technology and medication safety capabilities, now allows GenesisCare to deliver two compatible medications at independent rates through a single line to patients with less air-in-line interruptions, helping to improve the efficiency of patient treatment.

Head of Nursing at GenesisCare, Richard Schorstein said “I am excited that at GenesisCare we are leading the way in using new technologies to improve chemotherapy care.  The new Plum 360 pumps, in combination with the MedNet medicines safety software, along with the iQemo integration, will bring huge benefits.  It will provide improved safety in medicines management; nursing and pharmacy workflow efficiencies; and improved data capture.  I would like to express my thanks to the GenesisCare Project Team and the ICU Medical Team for their support in delivering this project.  I am really proud of our nursing and pharmacy teams, we wouldn’t have been able to do this without their engagement, enthusiasm and hard work”.

The introduction of ICU Medical MedNet safety software, with Plum 360 smart pumps into GenesisCare, ensures safe administration of IV Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) and provides standardisation of treatment across all GenesisCare medical centres.

As GenesisCare’s Head of Pharmacy, Titilayo Alagbe praised “This is an innovative development of the chemotherapy service to GenesisCare patients. The software provides performance data such as nurses time spent on medication administration and infusion time providing assurance of safe administration of SACTs.

I am proud of this project and it shows GenesisCare values being embraced such as partnership, integrity, and innovation”.

An efficient and smooth installation has been possible thanks to ICU Medical’s remote clinical training provision along with their cyber secure UL-2900 certified technologies. Ensuring secure and encrypted wireless deployment of a medication safety drug library across all GenesisCare sites from a single location, has helped to maintain compliance and further enhance patient safety and quality of care.

By Spring ’21, the system will be integrated with iQemo across the GenesisCare network, giving a fully automated process for recording the administration of chemotherapy using barcoded technology to identify the patient, the drug, and the infusion device.