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Diagnostic and advanced radiotherapy for prostate cancer

At GenesisCare, we provide a clear and comprehensive pathway from diagnosis to treatment for prostate cancer patients who wish to be referred privately.

In the treatment of the most common cancer in men, recent advances in radiotherapy have also given us new opportunities to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Rapid access urology diagnostics

Our UrologyHub provides a single point of referral for diagnosis and treatment of a full range of male and female urological conditions. Symptomatic or concerned patients can be referred to the rapid access urology clinic where they will see a Consultant Urologist with an appropriate specialism, and undergo any diagnostic investigations on the same day where clinically appropriate.

Latest radiotherapy techniques

We offer access to some of the latest radiotherapy techniques and through rigorous safety and screening protocols have been able to provide uninterrupted care during the COVID-19 pandemic at our 14 centres throughout the UK.

Our radiotherapy systems use advancements in precision targeting to enable ultra-hypofractionated treatment plans – an effective dose delivered in fewer fractions and with less risk of toxicity to healthy tissue and the subsequent side effects. This also means the patient has far fewer visits to the centre.

 Radiotherapy for prostate cancer

GenesisCare is at the forefront of innovation in radiotherapy and combines pioneering approaches such as organ-sparing gels to provide a comprehensive prostate cancer pathway of care. We have the latest-generation linear accelerators at each of our centres and the UK’s first MRIdian, which is an MR-guided system for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy, at our centre in Oxford.

Our comprehensive prostate service draws on best practice from across the GenesisCare global network as well as many of the world’s other leading cancer centres. Under the clinical governance of a national urology reference group consisting of a team of expert uro-oncologists, surgeons and radiologists, our service extends from rapid access clinics, state-of-the-art diagnostics, hypofractionated radiotherapy through to Theranostics; a pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic approach to metastatic disease using radioisotopes which is available at our centre in Windsor. We also offer innovative lifestyle and wellbeing therapies such as exercise medicine as part of our evidence-based package of care.

Our treatment for metastatic prostate cancer includes 177Lutetium PSMA therapy, Radium-223 therapy and palliative VMAT radiotherapy – within 2 days.

Refer to our rapid access UrologyHub

How to access

We are recognised by all the private health insurers for outpatients, diagnostics and cancer treatment. A GP referral letter is usually required in order for the patient to gain pre-authorisation from their insurer. For patients who wish to self-fund, prices are available from the centre.


GenesisCare is the UK’s leading independent cancer treatment provider offering chemotherapy, radiotherapy and diagnostics. Our advanced and innovative treatments and techniques ensure we offer all our patients the best possible outcome.

All 14 of our specialist oncology outpatient centres can treat without delay and are able to accept new referrals. We are operating a safe environment, with modified practices to protect patients and staff and many of our centres operate as stand-alone clinics. Find out more