COVID-19 second wave update

We are continuing to treat cancer patients and would like to reassure you that we have full COVID-safety measures in place in our 14 cancer centres. We remain open and ready to treat cancer patients without delay. We have modified clinical protocols for all radiotherapy treatments based on advice from the Royal College of Radiologists.

As an outpatient cancer specialist, GenesisCare can help to support regional cancer provision by providing fast access to diagnostics and cancer treatment for patients who choose to use their private medical insurance or self-fund at our low footfall centres.

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A safe environment

 Most of our centres are stand-alone outpatient facilities and we undertake robust screening and infection control procedures to maintain the safest, clean environment possible for patients and the staff who care for them. Our procedures include:

  • Pre-visit screening for all visitors and temperature checks on arrival
  • Testing for all symptomatic and asymptomatic patients
  • All staff are fully equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Consultations conducted via our Telehealth platform (secure video conferencing), wherever possible
  • Additional cleaning and reinforcing hygiene protocols
  • Remote treatment planning
  • Private transport to and from the centre, where required

 Governance and MDTs

All referrals for new protocols are reviewed by our clinical reference groups and clinical advisory teams to ensure eligibility criteria are met. This includes all stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) referrals, where shorter treatment schedules (hypofractionation) mean fewer visits to the centre.

We are continuing to roll out our eMDT platform to ensure that treatment plans for all cancer patients are fully reviewed by an expert team via GDPR-compliant decision tracking software.

 How to access

We are recognised by all the private health insurers for outpatients, diagnostics and cancer treatment. Our patients are offered access to wellbeing therapies through our partnership with cancer charity Penny Brohn UK and exercise medicine. A GP referral letter is usually required in order for the patient to gain pre-authorisation from their insurer. For patients who wish to self-fund, prices are available from the centre.


GenesisCare is the UK’s leading independent cancer treatment provider offering chemotherapy, radiotherapy and diagnostics. Our advanced and innovative treatments and techniques ensure we offer all our patients the best possible outcome.