Bar Code Medication Administration increases patient safety and efficiency

First UK oncology provider to fully implement a SACT drug library over a wireless Drug Error Reduction Software (DERS) system

GenesisCare is delighted to be nearing completion of the second phase of a project that will ensure the highest level of safety and efficiencies in the administration of Systemic Anticancer Therapies (SACT).

Earlier this year GenesisCare became the first UK oncology provider to fully implement a SACT drug library over a wireless Drug Error Reduction Software (DERS) system by the introduction of the Plum 360™ smart infusion pumps and the ICU Medical MedNet ™ medicines safety platform with a full drug library.  Following on from this success, GenesisCare is now implementing the IQemoTM Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) module. The integrated system provides full closed loop prescribing and medicines administration between ICU Medical MedNet and the IQemoTM electronic SACT prescribing system.

The ground-breaking innovation will allow our chemotherapy nurses to

  • identify the patient using a barcoded patient ID wristband
  • associate the infusion pump to the patients iQemo prescription
  • check and capture the medication details via a barcoded label

These features will provide a complete and detailed administration record by sending all details, including drug name and dose, start and stop times, to the patients record in iQemo. The use of Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) technology aids patient and medication identification.

Richard Schorstein, GC Head of Nursing, said “We are really pleased to be leading the way in using technology to improve patient safety in SACT administration.  This project adds another safeguard against the risk of medication errors.”

BCMA systems reduce medication errors by electronically verifying the ‘5 rights’ of medication administration—right patient, right dose, right drug, right time, right route—at the patient’s bedside. For example, when a bar code is scanned, on the infusion pump, and on the medication to be administered, the data is delivered to a computer software system where algorithms check various databases and generate real-time warnings or approvals. This has been achieved by three ways partnership between GenesisCare, ICU Medical using the Plum 360 SMART pumps with ICU Medical MedNet medication safety software and IQHealthTech chemotherapy prescribing system.

Titilayo Alagbe, GC Head of Pharmacy says “The use of BCMA verification reduces the possibility of a potential error and will improve efficiency of medication delivery. Patient safety is extremely important to GenesisCare and we will do whatever we can to ensure the safe provision and administration of SACT”.

The risk of vein pain with certain drugs is reduced due to the consistent pressure of drug administration and the system also allows reports to be run from the pumps. This will help reduce the time that the patient spends in the treatment chair whilst freeing up nurse time and improving efficiencies. Reports are available for audits with real time data to enable analysis, review and therefore support process improvement.

BCMA helps to promote collaboration within the medical oncology team and provides assurance to consultants that processes are being continually reviewed and improved.

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