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Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, but early diagnosis and treatment can mean a positive outcome for many. Prostate cancer screening is done via a simple blood test which, if raised, leads to a specialist mpMRI scan of the prostate. A raised PSA doesn’t always mean cancer but by carrying out these two simple diagnostic tests men can be reassured that they have been properly screened for prostate cancer and the most appropriate treatment can start without delay if required Mr Philip Charlesworth, Consultant Urological Surgeon

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Mens health awareness


We encourage you and the men in your lives to get checked if you have any signs or symptoms of prostate, testicular or penile cancer.

Symptoms may include lumps, pain, infections or abnormal changes in any of these areas of your body as well as more general health problems such as fatigue or depression. Getting an examination for any of these cancers is an important first step. The important thing is to just get it done.

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