World--class care without delay

As the UK’s leading private cancer specialist, we are dedicated to providing the latest evidence-based treatments from around the world, in a high quality, safe environment – because cancer is all we do.

At our new state-of-the-art centre at Cromwell Hospital in London, we have the world’s most advanced radiotherapy technologies – Gamma Knife Icon, Varian Edge and MRIdian MR linac*. Having these three machines under one roof will make our centre Europe’s most advanced radiotherapy facility.

The centre specialises in complex and difficult-to-treat tumours including cancers of the brain and spine, abdomen, head and neck, lung and oligometasatic cancer as well as breast and prostate cancer.

*Summer 2021. Patients can currently be treated at our MRIdian centre in Oxford

Enhancing the patient journey

Our goal is to deliver exceptional treatment and care in a way which enhances every aspect of the patient’s cancer journey. From diagnosis through to palliative care, all our patients receive the very best personalised care and a consultant-led treatment plan which also embraces life-changing approaches such as exercise medicine and wellbeing therapies.

Our centre works in partnership with Cromwell Hospital which has comprehensive diagnostic facilities. Our rapid access pathways ensure that patients can start treatment within days of a diagnosis if needed.

Patients can be referred to one of the surgeons or oncologists who work with us.


Expert teams

Our highly experienced cancer experts work as teams to ensure that every patient has access to world-class cancer care within days of diagnosis.

At our London centre, many of our consultants are renowned in their field, working at prestigious university-affiliated teaching hospitals. This means they have extensive experience and are familiar with the London healthcare networks.

Our clinical governance teams oversee the development of the best practice, innovative protocols and clinical evaluation as well as approval of all consultants to practise at our centres.


Our centre

Our centre in London is a specialist outpatient facility dedicated to cancer care. With low footfall and flexible appointments it provides a safe environment for both our patients and staff
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Ground-breaking radiotherapy treatments

At GenesisCare we offer many advanced radiotherapy techniques as standard to our patients and have invested in the latest technologies that have been proven to make a difference to cancer outcomes.

Often these treatments are not widely available, but we work closely with our oncologists and clinical teams to safely deliver evidence-based treatments wherever possible.

Read Mary’s story

After years of running from my cancer I’ve been thrown a lifeline Mary, patient at GenesisCare

64-year-old Mary from Staffordshire was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2014 and had been treated with surgery, conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy when a scan revealed that her cancer had unfortunately spread to her liver. Her doctors felt neither surgery or conventional radiotherapy were an option because there were three tumours throughout her liver.

Instead Mary was able to have treatment on the MRIdian – a ground-breaking new technique which targets difficult-to-treat tumours – at the GenesisCare centre in Oxford. The MRIdian is a type of linear accelerator – a machine that directs beams of energy to permanently destroy cancer cells – combined with an in-built MRI scanner.

Mary underwent a course of five sessions over two weeks, with very few side effects other than a little tenderness. After 3 months an MRI scan showed that the liver tumours were almost completely gone, and a scan at six months showed no active cancer.

Mary has since been able to work full-time in her IT consultancy and spend time gardening. Ongoing drug therapy will help maximise the possibility of controlling her cancer. She said: “After years of running away from my cancer and different therapies, I feel I’ve been thrown a lifeline by receiving this revolutionary treatment.”

Cutting-edge technology

Our new £20million radiotherapy centre at Cromwell Hospital in London offers the most advanced radiotherapy techniques available today.

The cutting-edge technology and latest treatments are different from conventional radiotherapy because they offer:

As well as innovative radiotherapy treatment, we also offer organ-sparing treatments, advanced computer imaging and sophisticated AI planning systems, which means personalised treatment plans can be started within days of diagnosis for all cancer types.

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) often called ‘brain-sparing’ surgery because of its ability to protect healthy brain tissue and preserve quality of life. Our neuro-oncology team use the Gamma Knife Icon to deliver this treatment.

This is designed for stereotactic brain and spinal surgery, as well as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) which is used for small tumours elsewhere in the body. It also provides Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy, a highly versatile treatment for a wide range of cancer types.

The MRIdian MR linac will be the first of its kind in London for non-research use. MRIdian allows clinicians to ‘see as they treat’ using live images of the tumour and surrounding tissue to continually adjust the radiation beam for movements and more precise treatment targeting. MRIdian is widely used for prostate cancer as well as difficult-to-treat and moving tumours, including lung, pancreas and liver. GenesisCare has so far treated more than 100 patients on its MRIdian in Oxford.

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Committed to our patients

It matters to us that our patients can take away some positive experience of their cancer and our experienced and friendly team at London believes care should be focused on the patient, not just their condition.

We are committed to ensuring our patients receive the treatment they need without delay during the current pandemic.

GenesisCare is recognised by all private medical insurance providers, including Bupa, AXA PPP, Aviva and Vitality.

GenesisCare always considers the patient rather than focusing solely on the treatment. This is truly inspirational and has certainly contributed to my recovery - I will be forever grateful Patient, London

A safe environment

Our London centre is an outpatient facility and we undertake robust screening and infection control procedures to maintain a safe and clean environment for patients and the staff who care for them. Our procedures include:

  • Pre-visit screening for all visitors and temperature checks on arrival
  • Testing for all symptomatic and asymptomatic patients
  • All staff are fully equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Consultations conducted via our Telehealth platform (secure video conferencing), wherever possible
  • Additional cleaning and reinforcing hygiene protocols
  • Remote treatment planning
  • Private transport to and from the centre, where required

We have adopted evidence-based national and international clinical protocols which are advocated by our specialist cancer Multidisciplinary Team Forums. We have also optimised our radiotherapy techniques to ensure best possible outcomes for our patients.

Frequently asked questions

Clinicians and patients are anxious to continue their cancer treatment without delay. Typically, our patients are funded through private medical insurance but during the current circumstances we have reduced our prices to make it more accessible to those who want to fund the cost of their own treatment.
To get the most benefit from their private health insurance, we recommend that your patient contacts their insurance company at the point of diagnostic referral.
At GenesisCare, a cancer diagnosis, personalised treatment plan and private medical insurance approval can take as little as 24 hours.

At GenesisCare we receive referrals from two main pathways:

  • Our diagnostic clinics
  • Directly from our surgeons and oncologists

We endeavour to treat patients within five to seven days from referral. These timings depend on whether we have all the histology results available for the cancer MDTs to make treatment decisions, otherwise we operate on full workforce capacity in terms of radiotherapy planners, physicists, therapy radiographers and chemotherapy nurses.

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) enables treatment of a number of tumour types using a small number of fractions – five or less. This hypofractionated approach is non-invasive and has obvious benefits in limiting treatment episodes or avoiding surgery. We have significant expertise and capacity to treat lung, pancreas and liver, brain, prostate and oligometastatic disease (all cancers) with SABR. We are offering these hypofractionated radiotherapy treatments where possible and delaying any chemotherapy that will compromise the patient’s immune system, putting them at higher risk of becoming unwell from respiratory illness.

Our clinical reference groups and UK Leadership Team work closely with the NHS, RCR, ESTRO and other surgical and oncology associations to ensure that our revised clinical protocols are aligned with national clinical guidelines.

All patient referrals for new protocols are reviewed by our clinical reference groups and clinical advisory team to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria.