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A new type of radiotherapy

We use some of the most advanced techniques to treat all types of cancer, including advanced diagnostic imaging, precision radiotherapy techniques which are proven to be safe and effective for difficult-to-reach tumours while limiting dose to healthy tissue and high dose radiotherapy for shorter treatment duration.

In recent months, more than 50 prostate cancer patients at GenesisCare have become the first in the UK to undergo a completely new type of radiotherapy. The MRIdian is a type of linear accelerator – which directs beams of energy to permanently destroy cancer cells – combined with an in-built MRI scanner. This allows the clinicians to see live images of what they’re treating, making it possible to target tumours with unrivalled precision.

We are grateful to Doug, Mary and Angela for sharing their stories here

Doug's story

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I can’t express how life-changing it is to see your condition improving instead of sitting and waiting for something to go wrong. There is life after cancer

Doug, patient at GenesisCare
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Read Doug's story

Retired engineer Doug, from Oxfordshire, was one of the first patients to receive treatment on the MRIdian after he was referred to Consultant Oncologist Dr Philip Camilleri in 2019. Having been diagnosed with a ‘small amount’ of prostate cancer, Doug’s previous doctors had advised a ‘watch and wait’ approach. Unhappy with this, he began to look at alternatives, deciding against surgery and other treatments because of the possible side effects. When Dr Camilleri told him he could have treatment on the MRIdian – and that it would only take five sessions – he took up the opportunity immediately. Doug underwent treatment last year and his regular check-ups have shown that his PSA levels continue to fall – a sign that his cancer has not returned. He said: “When you’re told you have cancer it’s the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing at night. I can’t express how life-changing it is to see your condition improving instead of sitting and waiting for something to go wrong. There is life after cancer.”


Read Mary's story

After years of running from my cancer I’ve been thrown a lifeline Mary, patient at GenesisCare

64-year-old Mary from Staffordshire was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2014 and had been treated with surgery, conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy when a scan revealed that her cancer had unfortunately spread to her liver. Her doctors felt neither surgery or conventional radiotherapy were an option because there were three tumours throughout her liver.

Instead Mary was able to have treatment on the MRIdian – a ground-breaking new cancer technique which targets difficult-to-treat tumours – at the GenesisCare centre in Oxford. The MRIdian is a type of linear accelerator – a machine that directs beams of energy to permanently destroy cancer cells – combined with an in-built MRI scanner.

Mary underwent a course of five sessions over two weeks, with very few side effects other than a little tenderness. After 3 months an MRI scan showed that the liver tumours were almost completely gone, and a scan at six months showed no active cancer.

Mary has since been able to work full-time in her IT consultancy and spend time gardening. Ongoing drug therapy will help maximise the possibility of controlling her cancer. She said: “After years of running away from my cancer and different therapies, I feel I’ve been thrown a lifeline by receiving this revolutionary treatment.”

Read Angela’s story

Angela's story - GenesisCare patient
I’m so grateful I’m not still waiting for breast cancer treatment Angela, patient at GenesisCare

Angela, who is 59-years-old and from Coventry, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2020 following a routine mammogram.

In June, Angela had a mammoplasty operation through the NHS to remove the Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) which was in one of her milk ducts. Adjuvant (or preventative) radiotherapy was due to take place soon after but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela’s NHS treatment was delayed so she decided to use her private medical insurance.

Angela was referred to Consultant Oncologist Dr Penny Kechagioglou and they agreed she would have FAST-Forward* five-fraction breast and tattoo-free radiotherapy treatment. This meant that Angela could have her radiotherapy treatment shortened to 5 days as five-fraction breast treatment delivers higher radiation therapy over fewer sessions. It allowed Angela, who lives alone, to get back to seeing friends and family faster following a reduced period of self-isolation.

The tattoo-free treatment was delivered using surface-guided radiation therapy and means Angela has no permanent reminder of the cancer on her skin.

Angela’s treatment took place at the end of August and she is now looking forward to planning her 60th birthday next year.

She said: “My diagnosis means I unfortunately missed some key family events such as my nephew’s 18th birthday – the first of my nephews’ birthdays I have ever missed – which is why I’m so grateful I’m not still waiting for breast cancer treatment and can start to put that part of my life behind me.”

*FAST-Forward is a large clinical research programme published in May 2020 which had shown that instead of receiving radiation over 15 treatments (or fractions) with an overall dose of 40Gy, breast cancer patients could safely undergo 5 treatments with 26Gy and achieve the same result. Based on this evidence, GenesisCare decided to make this available for all suitable patients.

Care focused on you

It matters to us that our patients can take away some positive experience of their cancer and our experienced and friendly teams believe care should be focused on you, not just your condition.

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