What is an ultrasound-guided biopsy?

An ultrasound-guided biopsy is a diagnostic test that removes a small sample of tissue from a lump or suspicious area of the body, using a specialised needle. The cells are then examined under a microscope to prove (or disprove) the presence of cancer. 

The advantage of an ultrasound-guided biopsy is that the ultrasound scan guides your consultant or radiologist to the precise area of your body where the sample needs to be taken from. The specialised needle can be seen on the ultrasound scan, so your consultant or nurse can be sure a sample is taken from the correct area. 

At GenesisCare, we offer a range of ultrasound-guided biopsies and select the appropriate method based on the size, location and features of your abnormality.

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Types of biopsy we offer include:

  • Fine needle aspiration – to take a sample of cells from a suspected fluid-filled lump 
  • Core needle biopsy – to take a larger sample of suspicious tissue 

Our consultants are experts in diagnosing a range of conditions and will aim to provide you with answers as soon as possible.  

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