What is a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT Scan?

68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan is an advanced and very precise imaging scan used in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer and is used to assess whether the cancer has spread around your body and help your consultant plan your personalised treatment.

It’s a type of nuclear medicine imaging technique that uses a special radiotracer to detect prostate cancer cells. The radiotracer (68Gallium PSMA) is a special substance injected into a vein in your arm or hand before the scan. The PET-CT scanning equipment can detect the radiotracer and show where there may be prostate cancer, and show any other areas of the body where the cancer may have spread. 

One of our expert consultants will assess each scan carefully before providing your referring clinician with your results. At a follow-up appointment, your clinician will help you understand what your results mean and discuss your treatment options.

At GenesisCare, we have the facilities to produce the 68Gallium PSMA radiotracer at our onsite radiopharmacy in Windsor. This means that we can provide scans within 48 hours of referral in Windsor and Oxford, so you have access to the scans essential to your diagnosis and treatment without delay.

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How does a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan work?

68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scans are the gold standard imaging scan for prostate cancer. A radioactive substance called 68Gallium is combined with a unique carrier molecule to create the radiotracer. The carrier molecule is attracted to a substance called prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA). PSMA is a type of protein found on the surface of prostate cancer cells in high concentrations. This includes cancer cells that may have spread to other parts of your body, and it can even seek out the smallest tumours you might have. PSMA is linked to the radioactive compound called 68Gallium, which enables the distribution of the radiotracer to be detected by the PET scan.

The CT (computed tomography) scan uses X-ray radiation to take a series of X-ray images from different angles around your body. Each X-ray image is called a ‘slice’ and produces very detailed images of your anatomy.  A computer combines your PET (functional) and CT (structural) images to create extremely detailed 3D images of the inside of your body. 

A PET-CT with 68Gallium PSMA is also superior to traditional bone imaging and can distinguish between bone damage caused by cancer and other non-cancer causes. We can closely and accurately monitor how well your prostate radiotherapy or hormone therapy cancer treatment is going. 

After your scan, the radiotracer won’t stay in your body for long and is eliminated naturally when you urinate.

Why do I need a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan?

Your consultant might recommend you have a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan to diagnose prostate cancer and to check whether it’s spread or become resistant to hormone therapy so they can plan alternative treatments.

Theranostics – 177Lutetium PSMA therapy 

We use 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scans as the first step and throughout our Theranostics treatment pathway for advanced prostate cancer to predict your suitability and response to 177Lutetium PSMA therapy and assess how well it’s working. 177Lutetium PSMA therapy is an innovative treatment where we use the same techniques as a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT to target the prostate cancer cells to deliver a radioactive substance (177Lutetium PSMA) that can destroy the cancer cells. Its unique ability to seek out the exact location of your cancer, and any areas it may have spread to, means that treatment can be focused directly on these areas. 

Find out more about 177Lutetium PSMA therapy including how it works and who it’s for.

How much is a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan?

The cost of a 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan starts from £2,500. 

We’re recognised by all major private medical insurers and also offer a range of self-payment options. We can help guide you through the referral process.

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What to expect when having your scan?

It’s important to know what to expect when having your 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scan. If you have any other concerns, please speak to your consultant. 68Gallium PSMA PET-CT scans are painless and help us in planning the best treatment pathway for you.

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