World-class lung cancer treatment launches in Wide Bay during Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Sunday November 1st

GenesisCare has today announced the availability of a cutting-edge treatment option for patients with primary and secondary lung cancers, the first of its kind for the region.

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SABR) is a type of cancer treatment that targets tumours in fewer high-dose treatments than traditional therapy and preserves healthy tissue.

The CHISEL trial published in The Lancet Oncology journal showed the SABR technique produced greater survival rates in early-stage inoperable lung cancer patients, compared to conventional radiation treatment.

Survival rates for lung cancer have been historically low in the region, with an 18% five-year relative survival rate.

GenesisCare Bundaberg Radiation Oncologist, Dr Hon Trinh, said: “Research has shown that this treatment can improve survival rates for suitable patients, so we are very pleased that our local community will now have access to this world-class clinical advancement at their doorstop.”

“Previously, our lung cancer patients would have to travel to Brisbane to be able to access this treatment option, placing a considerable burden on patients and their families.” Primary lung cancer is one of the top five common cancers in the Wide Bay region, with 178 new cases diagnosed every year.

“Typically, patients will require between three and five treatments with SABR, compared with 20 to 30 treatments with traditional therapy, meaning less overall time on treatment and a quicker recovery,” said Dr Trinh.

GenesisCare Oncology Queensland General Manager, Andrew Saunders, said: “At GenesisCare we are committed to delivering the highest quality cancer care closer to home.

“Regardless of whether our patients live in metro Brisbane or in regional Queensland, everyone deserves access to treatment techniques that can contribute to the best possible life outcomes for each individual and their family.”

Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service Board Deputy Chair, Professor Bryan Burmeister – himself a radiation oncologist – said it was exciting to see public patients in Wide Bay getting access to SABR.

“The introduction of this new technology is another great example of what can be achieved for patients through public-private partnerships in a regional area,” Prof Burmeister said.

“Delivering more care locally is a key part of our strategic plan, Care Comes First… Through Patients’ Eyes, and it’s terrific that this world-class treatment option is now available to patients right here in Wide Bay.”

Wide Bay patients will now be able to access this new treatment option for lung cancer at GenesisCare’s Bundaberg and Fraser Coast centres.

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