The New GenesisCare “Look and Feel” – A Patient Perspective

As part of the radiation therapy redesign in GenesisCare I was invited to participate in the Clinic Design “Look and Feel” Workshops. The aim of the innovative redesign is to inspire relaxation, comfort and empathetic staff support for the patient to reduce the anxiety and uncertainty experienced during treatment for encouragement and recovery. Four design groups presented various “look and feel” features to support patients and contribute to staff well-being.

The review panel included Robyn Jarvis – Project Coordinator, the NSW General Manager and other staff members including myself as a patient advocate. With my background in applied psychology which included studies in ergonomics and later as an academic librarian, experience in academic restructures of research libraries combined with the fact that I’ve been on the cancer treatment journey, I could provide the voice of the patient to this workshop.

A summary of each design concept
Each design group presented features that would enhance patient support and contribute to the well-being of staff including specialists, nurses, technicians and administration serving patient needs along the medical journey.

Concept 1
Provided an integrative approach to staff and patient interaction including a hush hub for consultations, a green wall to offset a clinical focus, sensitive lighting and the inclusion of charging stations for electronic devices.

Concept 2
Integrated ambient, supportive, aesthetic and gentle features of interior design including sound acoustics and lighting to aid sensitive interaction between patients and staff.

Concept 3
Combined latest health care trends focusing on structure and function of treatment areas incorporating latest developments in equipment, lighting, flooring and furniture.

Concept 4
Provided a practical emphasis on furniture for both the patient and staff areas that created a relaxed, comfortable and creative environment.

Following each presentation there was time for discussion, questions and feedback around the “look and feel” of each design concept incorporating the GenesisCare principles of collaboration, compassion, innovation and outcomes.

In summary GenesisCare design the centres with their values front of mind. The design reflects:
• Collaboration from a patient-centred care approach with the inclusion of the patient voice in all levels of the strategy operations, planning and policy development.
• Compassion for patients in service delivery and for staff in ongoing support for quality in service delivery.
• Innovation in processes and procedures and leveraging digital to enhance the patient experience.
• Outcomes in recovery, healing, and satisfaction in patient and staff interrelationships.

Because of significant patient engagement programs that GenesisCare has rolled out, we know patients want the following:
• Privacy for consultation – a quiet space for specialists and nurses treating patients
• A relaxed professional setting
• An uplifting, colourful, cheerful environment
• Café style seating rather than linear
• Comfortable chairs with armrests
• Pleasant diversions in the waiting room e.g. reading materials, iPads, aquarium

The elements above were provided to the design groups because it’s extremely important that patient feedback is considered when building new centres. Using these elements from the patient perspective when building new centres and redesigning existing centres GenesisCare can truly contribute to satisfaction in patient/ staff communications and enhance the patient experience.

By Angela Kolar
Consumer Representative Panel (CRP) member


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