Sometimes it’s the little details that make the biggest difference

“Just Starts” is an initiative aimed at improving the patient experience by empowering our teams to solve a patient challenge or add a moment of delight for patients in our care. It’s made possible through grants in our centres.

We just love some of this year’s proposals which focus on spontaneously surprising patients with little gifts, leveraging digital technology through light projectors and iPads, and adding creature comforts like coffee carts and outdoor seating.

This has helped turn patient pain points into positive feedback about their experience: “Thank you for providing coffee while we wait, it’s a lovely touch”.

It is also increasing staff satisfaction because the team is so closely involved in proposing and implementing the initiative.

“It has been a pleasure! It is something I have wanted to do for our patients for some time, so it’s great to have the opportunity” – Julie Ward, Centre Leader Wesley, Queensland

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