Working with patients

We recognise that one of the best ways of enhancing quality of care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments.

About our programme

GenesisCare recognises that one of the best ways of enhancing quality-of-care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments. Using this experience, our consumers provide advice and make an active contribution as key partners in the planning, delivery and reform of our services, by working with us as part of the Voice of Customer Program.

The GenesisCare Voice of Customer Program

The Consumer Advisory Committee

The Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) is part of the GenesisCare oncology governance structure. The Committee consists of patients who have experienced cancer and its treatments as well as carers who provide a unique perspective having careered for a someone experiencing cancer. The Committee provides advice and make an active contribution as key partners in the planning, delivery and reform of our services.

The CAC have established six strategic priorities that GenesisCare are actively working towards. For an update on our progress against these goals, please click here.


Top left: Mary-Ann Holt, John Dowling, Denise McGowan

Bottom left: Maria Moran, Carol Coady

The Consumer Representative Panel

The Consumer Representative Panel was established so that we can seamlessly involve consumers in proposed projects and initiatives. Panel members bring different skillsets, perspective and background to ensure we capture a diverse spectrum of opinions. Each member completes GenesisCare induction and consumer representative training (online module) to ensure they are supported for consumer participation. Our aim is to collect and measure patient preferences both at a strategic and operational level.

To express interest in being part of the panel we ask patients and carers to complete this form. Potential candidates will be contacted by the GenesisCare team.

Patient panels

Patient Panels

This is a unique opportunity to learn about patients directly and explore their perspectives, values and challenges. Patients join via Zoom for a formal panel session where the entire organisation is invited to listen and learn.

Key insights from patient panels include:

  • What it’s like to receive a cancer diagnosis
  • The complex care pathways they will often navigate
  • The gaps in the current system
  • The psychological and financial challenges they face
  • An overview of opportunities that could meet these needs
  • Awareness of how we can work with patients to provide integrated care to improve their experience

Focus groups

Patient focus groups provide insightful feedback about a patient’s experience of cancer and our service. This feedback helps us identify opportunities to improve our service and the overall patient experience.

We co-design our service with patients and carers using focus groups. When possible, we conduct focus groups in person however to provide flexibility and convenience we also conduct focus groups virtually (via Zoom).

During COVID-19, using Zoom to host focus groups gave us access to patient insights to continue making local improvements whilst keeping patients and teams safe. It also presents an opportunity to conduct state-wide focus groups where patients from all centres can contribute.

Patient satisfaction survey

Every month we ask patients to complete a survey to help us understand how we can improve our service. We aim for a 50% response rate and a +90 Net Promotor Score (NPS). The purpose of our patient satisfaction survey is to facilitate consumer feedback that teams can act on locally.

Our Net Promotor Score (NPS) for oncology patients

Our patient satisfaction rating of +90 NPS places GenesisCare in the top 5% of outpatient oncology facilities globally.* While our patient satisfaction rating of +90 NPS places us in the top 8 highest scoring outpatient oncology providers within Australia.*

Digital Search Trends

We aim to better understand what people are searching online regarding their health and healthcare providers. We analyse the information people are searching to bring to light key trends that will help us deliver personalised and informative information online so that customer expectations are met. By homing in on digital search trends we are better placed to provide a positive digital experience for our customers.

Meet our Consumer Advisory Committee

Carol Coady

Denise Mc Gowan

John Dowling

Barbara Rohde

Kerryn Coles

Mary-Ann Holt

Jon Isaacs

Maria Moran

Jodie Lydeker

Meet our consumer representative panel

Meet our consumer representative panel

Don Plant

Wayne Lieberman

Julie McCrossin

Wendy Thom

Clare Vink

Lee McKerracher

Gloria Perkins

Doug Jones

John Stubbs

Pamela Bell

Paul Maher

Alan Pearce

Luke Batchelor

Jenny Oh

Chris Neenan

Leonie Moore

John Hefford

Kate Thomas

Patient satisfaction rating

Find out more about our world class patient satisfaction rating here.