The electronic form below will allow you to refer a patient directly to one of our oncology specialists. Just enter the details and click submit.

Cardiology, Sleep & Respiratory Medicine

Please access referral templates directly from Medical Director & Best Practice.

If you’d like to receive referral forms, request pads or electronic referral templates (rtfs) including instructions to access directly from Medical Director & Best Practice, please contact your state referrer engagement team via details below. Interactive PDF referral forms are also available below. To ensure patient privacy and Medicare compliance, we encourage these forms to be printed, hand signed and faxed directly to your nearest centre.


For all enquiries please email:
QLD: infocardiologyqld@genesiscare.com
VIC: infocardiologyvic@genesiscare.com
SA: infocardiologysa@genesiscare.com
WA: infocardiologywa@genesiscare.com

Sleep & Respiratory Medicine

For all enquiries please email:
QLD: infosleepqld@genesiscare.com
WA: infosleepwa@genesiscare.com

To access GenesisCare referral templates compliant with Medicare changes from 1 November 2018 for diagnostic sleep services, please click here.