Dr Maria (Najim) Azzi
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Dr Maria (Najim) Azzi

Dr Maria (Najim) Azzi
Maria (Najim)
BSc, MBBS, FRANZCR, Radiation Oncologist

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Kingswood (Oncology)
Kingswood (Oncology)
-33.76105297267143, 150.7155716117431

Clinical interests in head and neck, prostate, and genitourinary cancers.

Dr Azzi completed her accredited training in 2013 as a radiation oncologist and was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologist (Faculty of Radiation Oncology). She joined the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre at Westmead Hospital as a Clinical Head & Neck Fellow.

In 2014 Dr Azzi was involved in a number of research projects within the department at the Translational Cancer Research Fellow (TCRC) under the supervision of Professor Veness and Dr Perera. In 2016 Dr Azzi was appointed as the Director of Training for the Central Coast Cancer Centre, Gosford where she was the coordinator for medical students’ rotation in oncology. She was also a member of the Education Portfolio. Dr Azzi went on to be based at the Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre, Westmead/ Nepean Cancer Centre in 2017, where she was the radiation oncologist staff specialist. 

Research interests

Research interests

  • Awarded the translational cancer research fellowship in 2014 where Dr Azzi conducted a retrospective study to assess anatomical and dosimetric change in organs at risk during a course of radiation therapy for HN cancer patients. Also assessed the accuracy of manual contouring of structures compared with two commercially available deformable image registration programmes. The results of both of these studies were recently presented at the BiGART conference in Denmark (poster discussion) and accepted for publication in Acta Oncologica journal. Poster presentation at the ASM meeting in Adelaide, 2015
  • Collaborating with the team to develop a head and neck contouring atlas which aims to improve workflow efficiencies within the department.


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