Dr Malinda Itchins

  • BMedSci, MBBS (Hons1), FRACP, PhD candidate
  • Medical Oncologist
  • Spoken languages English


Special clinical interest in treating thoracic (spinal), gastrointestinal, lung and genitourinary (genital and urinary) cancers.

Dr Malinda Itchins, BmedSci, MBBS (Hons1), FRACP, is a Medical Oncologist focusing on the treatment of thoracic and gastrointestinal cancers. Malinda will submit her PhD thesis through the University of Sydney in 2020 investigating mechanisms of resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in ALK-rearranged non-small cell lung cancer. Her doctoral studies have incorporated laboratory based translational research and a clinical trial. Her research interest more broadly are in further evaluating oncogene addicted lung cancers and multi-modality management to improve outcomes in pancreas cancer. Malinda is an active member of the Australasian Lung and Gastrointestinal Trials Groups and the elect Lung Cancer Chair of the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia. Malinda also holds a position at Royal North Shore Hospital and North Shore Private.