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Dr Lara Best

  • FRCPC, Med
  • Radiation Oncologist


Awards received

  • Governor General’s Gold Medal 2019 (highest overall marks in a graduate program, Acadia University, Canada)
  • Presentation (international level workshop):Best L, Bowes D, Daigle-Maloney T, Sengupta A. Transition to Practice: Thinking Beyond the Exam. ICRE 2020
  • Invited lecturer: CARO annual registrar refresher course: Skin cancers

Research Interests

3D-printed bolus for the treatment of skin cancers and medical education.

Professional memberships

  • ASCO
  • CARO
  • TROG

Publications and Affiliations

  • Best L, Sengupta A, Murphy RJ, de Metz C, Trotter T, Loewen SK, Ingledew PA, Sargeant J. Transition to practice in radiation oncology: mind the gap. Radiother Oncol 2019; 138: 126-31.2016;8(9);e767.
  • Best L, de Metz C, Olivotto IA, Roy I, Whelan T, Arsenault J, Brundage M. Radiation therapy quality indicators for invasive breast cancer. Radiother Oncol 2017;123(2): 288-93.
  • Casey S, Best L, Vujovic O, Jordan K, Fisher B, Carey D, Bourdeau D, Yu E. Use of protoporphyrin fluorescence to determine clinical target volume for non-melanotic skin cancers treated with primary radiotherapy. Cureus 2016;8(9);e767.
  • Lock M, Best L, Wong E, Bauman G, D’Souza D, Venketesan V, Sexton T, Ahmad B, Rodrigues GB. A phase II trial of arc-based hypofractionated IMRT in localized Prostate Cancer. Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology and Physics August 2011; 80(5):1306-1315
  • Rodrigues G, Velker V, Best L. Radiation Oncology Primer and Review: Essential Concepts and Protocols. New York: Demos Medical Publishing, 2013.