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Patients set to benefit from new world-class comprehensive cancer centre in Western Sydney

Kingswood, New South Wales – A world-class comprehensive cancer centre in Sydney’s Western suburbs has officially opened its doors to patients, offering rapid access to cutting edge radiation therapy technology, medical oncology and clinical trials, all under one roof.

GenesisCare Kingswood, a ‘one-stop shop’ for cancer care, is now offering comprehensive integrated cancer services, with the addition of medical oncology now available alongside the latest technology and techniques in radiation therapy.

Medical Oncologist at GenesisCare Kingswood, Dr Renuka Chittajallu, said: “The recent addition of medical oncology services at the facility will ensure patients in Western Sydney receive an entirely integrated approach to their oncology care.

“Treating cancer is extremely complex and often involves a team of medical specialists working together to formulate the best possible treatment plan based on the latest scientific evidence. Offering integrated medical and radiation oncology as part of comprehensive cancer care will help minimise the burden on patients and their families,” said Dr Chittajallu.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Western Sydney, accounting for approximately three in every 10 deaths.1

The Minister for Western Sydney, The Hon. Stuart Ayres MP, said: “This world-class cancer centre has been developed to help meet the growing demand for oncology services in the region, with Western Sydney recording greater than 4000 newly diagnosed cases of cancer each year.2

“Providing these local patients with integrated and comprehensive cancer care in their own community, particularly during these turbulent times, can help ease the already significant emotional and physical toll of cancer diagnosis and treatment,” said Minister Ayres.

For approximately 50 per cent of all cancer patients, radiotherapy plays an important role in the treatment pathway, used with curative intent and in pain and symptom management.3 The new centre is offering the latest in radiation therapy technology and will also be one of the first clinics in the state to offer the ExacTrac Dynamic, a state-of-the-art technology delivering high-precision radiation therapy treatments,3 which will be available by the end of 2020.

Radiation Oncologist at GenesisCare Kingswood, Dr Monique Heinke, said: “The new oncology centre in Kingswood incorporates the latest radiation therapy technology and offers comprehensive and evidence-based care delivered in a multidisciplinary setting. With the addition of access to allied health services we are able to provide the best possible life outcomes for local patients.”

GenesisCare General Manager for Oncology in NSW, Kathy Kociuba said: “At GenesisCare, we are committed to providing patients with access to the best available cancer care. We know that cancer doesn’t stop, so neither does our experienced and compassionate team. Our centres remain open, safe and continue to offer cutting-edge technology and world-class treatments.”

In addition to integrated cancer care, GenesisCare Kingswood also offers access to comprehensive allied health services, including a lymphedema specialist, oncology massage, dietetics, exercise physiology, and psychology.

All patients, private or public, will be able to access the service, with a large portion of the cost of treatment covered by Medicare rebates.


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Kingswood Centre aerial view