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South Australian men and families set to benefit from new Government funded specialist nurse

Adelaide, South Australia – Local prostate cancer patients in Adelaide, South Australia, will soon have access to a new specialist nurse, thanks to the recent expansion of the Australian Government’s Prostate Cancer Nurses Program.

The specialist nurse will work across four GenesisCare radiation oncology centres in Adelaide to provide care and support to men and their families throughout their entire journey with prostate cancer, from diagnosis, through to treatment, side effect management and after care.

The new position is part of the Federal Government’s recent $23 million expansion to the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia’s (PCFA) specialist nursing program which will support existing prostate cancer nurses and place specialist nurses in areas of high need.

PCFA CEO, Professor Jeff Dun AO, commended GenesisCare for delivering personalised care to South Australian patients:

“About one in five men with prostate cancer experience long-term anxiety and depression and some will have an increased risk of suicide, although few seek support for their mental health needs. We’re proud to partner with GenesisCare to fund a new specialist nurse who can provide personalised guidance, care and support,” he said.

Australia has one of the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world, with one in every six Australian men likely to be diagnosed by age 85. It is the most common cancer for males in South Australia with 1,356 cases in 2017 , accounting for more than a quarter of all male cancer incidences in the state.

Federal Member for Adelaide, Steve Georganas MP, said: “I am thrilled that the Prostate Cancer Nurses program is being expanded here in South Australia. It is vital that prostate cancer sufferers and their families receive emotional support and expert care during diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

“Through my involvement in the Prostate Cancer Group in Parliament and the Heath Committee, I have had the opportunity to meet many men affected by prostate cancer, who have taught me that they and their families face many different needs and challenges after their diagnosis. I have been advocating for more assistance for prostate cancer patients for a long time, and it is enormously satisfying that this additional support can be provided by specialist nurses.”

GenesisCare Radiation Oncologist Dr Marcus Dreosti, added: “GenesisCare is delighted to partner with PCFA to ensure more prostate cancer patients can receive access to the highest quality of cancer care from diagnosis, treatment, all the way through to after care.

“It’s important that a patient’s physical and psychological needs are looked after. It is well documented that a multidisciplinary approach to cancer management leads to better patient outcomes and a higher quality of life for both patients and their families.

“Prostate cancer nurses play an integral role in this collaborative approach to cancer care and I am delighted the government is funding this new specialist nurse position here in Adelaide.”

PCFA’s Director of Nursing Programs, Sally Sara, said GenesisCare’s commitment would vastly improve the support on offer to South Australian men and families impacted by the disease.

“It’s common for patients to struggle with understanding their treatment options and many are unable to access evidence-based information about the pros and cons of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment or hormonal therapy.

“Our new specialist nurse will be a wonderful addition to the GenesisCare team, giving local men much greater confidence that they can navigate the challenges of prostate cancer with all the support they need.”