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Local cancer patients in Mandurah set to benefit from new chemotherapy service

GenesisCare Mandurah now offering comprehensive cancer care with medical oncology and radiation oncology under the one roof

Mandurah, Western Australia – GenesisCare is now providing comprehensive integrated cancer services to local cancer patients in the Peel Region, with the addition of medical oncology now available alongside the latest technology and techniques in radiation therapy.

GenesisCare Mandurah first opened in August 2019 to help meet the growing demand for oncology services in the region, with Mandurah recording one of the highest rates of diagnosed cases of cancer in Australia.  Since opening GenesisCare Mandurah has launched a number of innovative techniques, including a highly targeted form of treatment for lung cancer patients known as Stereotactic Body Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR).

The centre has the capacity to provide up to 2500 chemotherapy treatments per year.

Dr Raj Tota, Medical Oncologist at GenesisCare Mandurah, said: “The recent addition of medical oncology services at GenesisCare Mandurah is fantastic news for local cancer patients in the Peel region who will now receive an entirely integrated approach to their cancer care.”

“It is well documented that a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, where medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons and support staff, all work together on evidence-based treatment plans, leads to improved patient outcomes.”

“Offering integrated medical and radiation oncology as part of comprehensive cancer care will ease the burden of patients and their families. Patients now only need to visit one centre for treatment and have access to a team of specialists supporting them throughout their entire treatment pathway.”

Patients undergoing chemotherapy through the new medical oncology service will also have access to a scalp cooling technology which helps patients save their hair through treatment.

Michaela Mayor, Nurse Unit Manager at GenesisCare, said she has witnessed firsthand the profound emotional impact hair loss can have on patients undergoing chemotherapy.

“Hair loss during chemotherapy can be extremely confronting for patients, many of whom are concerned about attracting attention and having to answer questions relating to their diagnosis and treatment.”

“At GenesisCare we believe in a holistic approach to cancer care which considers both the physical and emotional needs of our patients. Our investment in this scalp cooling technology highlights our commitment to minimising the emotional burdens associated with chemotherapy and supporting the psychological health of our patients.”

In addition to integrated cancer care, GenesisCare Mandurah offers access to comprehensive allied health services, including an exercise physiologist, dietitian and a specialist breast cancer nurse.