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Kingscliff local rockstar first in region to receive innovative prostate cancer treatment

GenesisCare installs new technology to meet increased demand for services in region

Kingscliff – NSW – Kingscliff local rock act, 66-year-old Ron Gaydon, ‘Rockin Ron’, has become one of the first patients in the Northern Rivers region to access an innovative treatment for prostate cancer that dramatically reduces the number of trips required for treatment.1-3

GenesisCare’s centre in Tugun, which sits just north of the NSW/QLD border, has launched the new treatment for suitable prostate cancer patients, a highly accurate, non-invasive type of radiation therapy known as stereotactic ablative radiation therapy (SABR). The treatment is delivered in five sessions, compared to the 20-40 sessions required with conventional radiation therapy.1-3

GenesisCare recently installed a high-precision linear accelerator, the Varian Edge with AlignRT and HyperArc integrations, which will be used to deliver the highly targeted treatment.

GenesisCare Radiation Oncologist, Professor David Christie, said the team had invested in the additional linear accelerator to meet the increased demand for cancer services from patients in the Northern Rivers region.

“More than 55 per cent of the patients we see are from the Northern Rivers region in NSW – we invested in this new technology to ensure we could continue to provide these patients rapid access to the latest advancements in radiation therapy.”

“SABR allows clinicians to precisely deliver a high dose of radiation directly to the tumour with sub-millimetre accuracy, destroying cancer cells while preserving surrounding healthy tissues,” said Prof. Christie.

“The fact that we are able to deliver treatment over five sessions, compared to twenty or more treatments in traditional radiation therapy, is a game-changer for men with low to intermediate risk localised prostate cancer as it allows them to spend more time at home with their loved ones and maintain a sense of normalcy,” said Professor Christie.

For Ron Gaydon, the targeted treatment meant the 66-year-old Kingscliff local didn’t have to cancel any of his planned gigs, which meant a great deal after two years of disrupted work from COVID-19 lockdowns.

“I was diagnosed in September 2020, following a routine visit to my GP where I had my PSA levels checked.

“After a year of monitoring, my urologist Dr. David Sillar referred me to Dr Christie at GenesisCare in Tugun. I had done my own research and had been reading up on this new type of radiation therapy and it turned out GenesisCare was going to be launching the new treatment a few months later,” said Mr Gaydon.

“I was receiving treatment when the flooding up here in Northern NSW was in full swing, so being able to head to GenesisCare for five sessions made such a huge difference to my whole experience. I was able to get back home and help my community out and continue my gigging along the way,” said Ron.

Ron’s urologist, Dr David Sillar, said the new form of radiation therapy was “a promising treatment option for suitable prostate cancer patients5, who have had their prostate cancer detected in its earlier stages.”

“I see so many men from the Northern Rivers region come through my door with a prostate cancer diagnosis each week, so being able to tell them about this new treatment option is certainly a positive thing,” said Dr Sillar.

The Varian Edge technology, with AlignRT and HyperArc extensions, uses an open face mask and real time position monitoring to improve patient safety and comfort during treatment. The new technology at GenesisCare, Tugun, will be used to deliver stereotactic body radiation therapy to treat multiple metastases across a wide range of body sites, including prostate, skin, liver, spine and head and neck cancers.

In response to the floods in Northern NSW, GenesisCare’s Foundation launched a Flood Relief response program to support access to critical cancer services in hard hit communities in the Northern Rivers region.

GenesisCare’s Tugun Centre Leader, Greg Winfield, said the Foundation had “launched the program to ensure our patients were able to continue care in a safe environment and minimise some of the financial, physical and emotional pressures felt by patients during a very difficult time.”

Designed to enable the continuation of care during such challenging times, the Flood Relief program offers reimbursement for transport, parking, accommodation, and costs associated with accessing treatment, up to a maximum of $1,000 per patient, for those directly impacted by the recent flooding events



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