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Establishing partnerships inside and out for improved patient outcomes

It is with great pleasure that we share the inaugural Oncology and Cardiology Annual Research Report.

Research advancement and growth was clearly evident at GenesisCare in 2019. We engaged various industry partners to perform world-firsts in cardiac procedures and advance cancer treatments under the remarkable leadership of Prof. Stephen Worthley (Cardiology) and A/Prof. Peter O’Brien (Oncology). Our research division has been bolstered by dedicated and globally placed research teams who have recognised and overcome the challenges of our various research activities. Their efforts are evident by the increased number of clinical trials and the substantial growth of real-world evidence in our clinical registries.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, research activities and clinical trials will remain a key priority at GenesisCare. Our acquisition of 21st Century Oncology (USA) has more than doubled our footprint and our international network of specialist physicians. GenesisCare now spans more than 400 locations across Australia, Spain, UK and the U.S. This presents increased opportunities for innovation and collaboration within and beyond GenesisCare. We look forward to the year ahead with confidence knowing that we are an organisation well-equipped to face the challenges ahead. I would like to thank everyone for endeavouring to make GenesisCare an institute striving to deliver exceptional research and clinical services with superior patient outcomes.

Best wishes,

Dan Collins
Global CEO, Managing Director and President U.S.