Doctor experience matters

Doctors around the word are under extreme pressure, now more than ever before. Recognising this, GenesisCare conducted a comprehensive global research project involving over 600 referring doctors in the oncology field to better understand the challenges they face at work and how GenesisCare as an organisation can make their lives a little easier.

By asking for doctors’ feedback on practical issues such as the referral process and our methods of communication, we are now able to proactively address some of their concerns, monitor progress and improve the overall experience for doctors that refer to GenesisCare. The success of the initiatives and experience of our service will be measured and monitored year-on-year.

Interestingly, we found out that with the proliferation in technology enabled care services such as telehealth and virtual multi-disciplinary team meetings, we must take the time to ensure doctors feel supported and receive adequate training so that they can fully embrace the telemedicine revolution.  There was a suggestion to incorporate this training into the onboarding experience.

“Doctor experience and patient experience is inextricably linked. For example, without effective, timely communication between doctors, both the quality of care and the patient experience can suffer. That’s why measuring, and monitoring doctor feedback is a key pillar in our strategic plan.”

– Aldo Rolfo, Executive Manager Service of the Future.

Having metrics beside each touch point and interaction of the doctor journey enables data-driven decision making and helps build a continuous improvement culture.

We are very grateful to those doctors that took the time to complete the survey and provide feedback on our services. We hope that by addressing some of the challenges that doctors face in everyday practice, we can free up their time so they can focus on delivering optimal patient centred care.