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Cancer Patients in South Australia to Benefit From New Partnership

Adelaide Oncology & Haematology joins the GenesisCare Network

Adelaide, South Australia – GenesisCare, the largest provider of radiation oncology services in South Australia and worldwide, has announced a new strategic partnership with Adelaide Oncology & Haematology. Cancer patients in South Australia will immediately benefit from easier access to integrated care with medical oncology, radiation therapy and surgical oncology in a co-ordinated patient focused care pathway.

The partnership brings together GenesisCare’s leading network of clinicians and centres, global clinical trials program and unique access to novel therapies, alongside Adelaide Oncology & Haematology’s team of 25 experienced sub-specialist clinical oncologists, surgeons and other physicians.

GenesisCare Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director Dr Marcus Dreosti, said the partnership was a natural progression following more than 30 years of clinical collaboration with his highly regarded colleagues at Adelaide Oncology & Haematology.

“We are delighted to welcome the highly specialised team at Adelaide Oncology & Haematology to the GenesisCare network. These committed professionals share our vision to develop seamless integrated care and to treat each patient as an individual,” said Dr Dreosti.

“An integrated approach to cancer care, in which each patient receives a dedicated care team of specialists who tailor treatment plans and care specifically to their needs, has been widely documented to lead to improved patient outcomes,” continued Dr Dreosti.

The partnership cements GenesisCare as the leading provider of integrated oncology services in South Australia, with a combined presence of 37 specialists working across 10 key hospitals in Adelaide. Patients in rural and regional South Australia will also benefit through 6 clinics.

Adelaide Oncology & Haematology Medical Oncologist and Principal, Dr Kevin Patterson said: “This partnership with GenesisCare will allow our patients to continue to receive the highest quality of treatment at all our existing sites but now with the added benefit of being part of GenesisCare’s global clinical network.”

“GenesisCare has a growing research and clinical trials program and their innovation programs focused on precision medicine and novel therapies will be able to directly benefit our patients here in Adelaide and across South Australia,” added Dr Patterson.

GenesisCare’s General Manager for Oncology in South Australia, Duy Tran, said: “Through this new collaboration we are focused on making it easier for cancer patients to receive the right care at the right time, close to home.  We want to make it as easy as possible for patients to be fully informed to consider the full array of treatment choices and for the right care plan to be delivered smoothly across different clinical specialties,” said Duy Tran.

GenesisCare and Adelaide Oncology & Haematology both have long-standing partnerships with several major hospitals across the city, including St Andrew’s Hospital, Calvary Hospital Group, Burnside Hospital, and Western Hospital.

This partnership is subject to customary regulatory approvals. During this exciting transition period for GenesisCare and Adelaide Oncology & Haematology, business operations will continue as usual.

About Adelaide Oncology & Haematology

Founded in 2011, Adelaide Oncology & Haematology (AOAH) is an association of cancer specialists including oncologists, haematologists, surgical specialists and physicians with over 30 years of experience in cancer medicine. The group comprises of 27 doctors working at 6 locations across Adelaide city and suburbs. AOAH personalises cancer care to its patients, delivering chemotherapy, targeted treatments and immunotherapy, as well as offering a range of cutting-edge clinical trials. AOAH also runs a range of multidisciplinary sub-specialty meetings with pathology and radiology support to facilitate the highest level of clinical decision making.

About GenesisCare in South Australia :

GenesisCare has been providing high quality oncology services to South Australians for more than 30 years. More than 100 doctors, nurses, engineers, physicists, radiation therapists and practice support team members deliver care at four locations in South Australia: The Tennyson Centre, St Andrew’s Hospital, Calvary Central Districts Hospital and Flinders Private Hospital.  GenesisCare also provides cancer patients access to its established network of cardiologists and cardiac nurses in South Australia who specialise in CardioOncology, the management of cardiac disease in cancer patients.