Advancing patient outcomes through research

Survival rates for patients with cancer or heart disease have improved remarkably over the last few decades. That has come through better care, training, and technology and also through practice-changing research.

We are indebted to patients who have volunteered for clinical trials, contributing to generational change and improvement in cancer and heart care.

But we still have a long way to go. As one of the world’s largest providers of cancer care, GenesisCare aspires to be one of the leading cancer research groups in the world. Through every interaction, we want to provide our patients the very best care and also to learn from that experience, be it through clinical trials and / or through analyses of deidentified real world evidence.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing medical progress through research conducted by our teams around the world. It’s an exciting period of growth for research at GenesisCare, and we invite you to learn more about our research efforts by watching the video below.

To those who have dedicated their careers to progress against cancer or heart disease, we’d also like to share our sincere thanks for your incredible contributions on this day.

View trials underway at GenesisCare

We’re dedicated to breaking boundaries through clinical studies and to finding new and improved ways to deliver better life outcomes for our patients.

View the ongoing clinical trials in the USAustralia, and the UK.

Global experts join forces to set research agenda

This year we launched clinician-led Global Research Strategy Committees for several cancer types. Each committee is identifying the highest priority research imperatives for their area, ensuring our clinician-led and evaluated research will ultimately benefit our patients.

Our committees have co-representation from the Cancer Reference Groups for the relevant disease area to make sure we have a cohesive approach to our research.

Our Contract Research Organisation ambitions

The GenesisCare Clinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) is an independent entity that connects partners with our own clinical research network providing core trial services – that being our treatment centres participating in clinical trials. This enables developers of novel therapies to more rapidly validate and advance their treatments, with the aim of making new solutions available to patients sooner.

Research in numbers at GenesisCare

2021 resarch in number infographic