New world-class liver cancer treatment launches on the Gold Coast

New world-class liver cancer treatment launches on the Gold Coast

  • GenesisCare has introduced a new, innovative treatment for patients with liver cancers on the Gold Coast, as a first for the region
  • The world-class, cutting edge form of radiotherapy will be used to deliver high doses of treatment, using a highly focused beam, to target tumours located in the liver
  • This new treatment option for suitable liver cancer patients will require less visits to the hospital and minimise recovery time

GenesisCare has today announced the availability of a new, innovative treatment option for patients with liver cancers on the Gold Coast – a first for the region. Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR) is a world-class, cutting edge form of radiation therapy using high doses of treatment delivered in a highly accurate and focused manner to tumours.

Primary liver cancer, which has started on the liver, is one of the top ten common cancers in the Gold Coast region. Survival rates are low at just under one in four (23%) surviving 5 years.1 Across Australia, liver cancer is the seventh leading cause of death, with approximately 2,215 new cases this year.2 Metastatic liver disease (tumours that have spread to the liver) are common in patients that have had tumours in other areas of the body including colorectal, breast, lung cancers and melanoma.3

Residents of the Gold Coast and Tweed regions with liver cancer, who may be suitable for SABR will now have access closer to home, with the treatment to be available at GenesisCare’s Tugun and Southport centres by resident doctors. Until now, patients would have had to travel to Brisbane or Sydney for the same treatment option.

Lead Radiation Oncologist Dr Sid Baxi said: “At GenesisCare we are always looking for ways to collaborate with medical teams to improve access to the latest treatments for patients, so we are thrilled to be able to offer this at our Gold Coast centres. As the only current providers of SABR on the Gold Coast and with over 25 years treating cancer in the region, we are very pleased that our community will now have access to this world-class treatment option at their doorstep.”

Liver SABR provides tumour control rates as high as 90%4 and is actively utilised in conjunction with other treatments in a multidisciplinary setting.

“An increasing proportion of Australians are being treated with SABR techniques. Patients who are able to access this non-invasive treatment can do so in an outpatient setting, meaning minimal interference to their day-to-day lives. This technology requires technical and clinical skills in a multidisciplinary team with one common goal – delivering high quality, safe and ultimately better patient care,” said Dr Baxi.

Typically, patients need between one to six treatments with SABR, which means less visits to the hospital. Recovery time frames are short with management of acute and long-term side effects.

SABR technique is different from conventional radiotherapy techniques in that high doses can be focused on tumours, killing cancer cells with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This has traditionally been a limitation of radiotherapy, however GenesisCare is breaking new ground on what this treatment can achieve.

“At GenesisCare, we have over 20 years of experience with stereotactic treatments. SABR treatment offers patients excellent disease and symptom control, ultimately aiming to improve quality of life. As the technology has advanced, we have been able to further develop stereotactic treatments to treat more cancer types with more precision in different parts of the body. This is a very exciting step forward for cancer care,” said GenesisCare Queensland General Manager, Andrew Saunders.

GenesisCare’s Tugun and Southport centres are state-of-the-art cancer care centres, well-known by the community, carers and healthcare professionals providing high quality care. The centres treat over 1,000 patients a year for the community of Gold Coast with expansion allowing for increased access and capacity as the Gold Coast community grows. SABR treatment is also available at GenesisCare, at The Wesley Hospital Brisbane.

In Queensland, GenesisCare employs 27 radiation oncologists amongst 8 centres, providing access to care for metropolitan and regional Australia. This is supported by the wealth of knowledge gathered amongst its 100 radiation oncologists from 28 centres Australia wide.

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