GenesisCare Foundation launches COVID-19 emergency response program to support patients access cancer treatment

The GenesisCare Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of an emergency response program to help cancer patients safely access vital care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment during COVID-19 adds an extra layer of anxiety. Due to the heightened risk of COVID-19 in immunocompromised individuals, cancer patients are being encouraged to avoid public transport as much as possible. As a result, many patients are facing mounting costs associated with driving and ride shares.

This program is designed to address the financial hardship many people find themselves in as a result of COVID-19. It will offer eligible patients compensation for costs associated with getting to and from essential treatment, such as parking, taxi fares and fuel.

The program is being trialled in the following GenesisCare oncology centres in Australia:

  • Across the whole of Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia
  • At Hurstville and Macquarie University Hospital in New South Wales
  • At the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane for Queensland

The GenesisCare Foundation sees this program as a simple concept which can make a considerable difference to a patient’s experience, in some cases even making the difference between accessing treatment or not.

GenesisCare Foundation Chair and GenesisCare CEO, Dan Collins, said: “All cancer patients, regardless of whether they live in suburban Melbourne or regional Queensland, deserve rapid access to high quality cancer care.”

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many cancer patients are facing additional costs associated with travelling to treatment, as public transport is no longer a viable option.”

“The GenesisCare Foundation is incredibly proud to launch the COVID-19 transport access program, which is designed to relieve some of the added emotional and financial pressures facing cancer patients during this challenging time.”

The program is also supporting breast cancer advocacy groups focused on ensuring rapid access to radiation therapy treatment during this crisis. You can find more information here.

About the GenesisCare Foundation:

The GenesisCare Foundation is an independent health promotion charity born from the philanthropic vision of GenesisCare. Its mission is to seek out and support life-changing improvements in cancer and cardiac care, in order to create profound impact at scale for both individuals and communities. It does so by investing in research that has the power to radically improve patient outcomes and by enabling access to innovative care. Learn more about the GenesisCare Foundation.

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