GenesisCare & Clinica Corachan announce plans for an Oncology Centre in Barcelona

Thursday July 2nd

Clínica Corachan and GenesisCare have this week announced plans for a Centre of Excellence in Comprehensive Oncology in Barcelona, led by renowned oncologist Prof Joaquim Bellmunt, a world leader in immunotherapy and translational oncology.

The centre will offer comprehensive and personalised care to oncology patients, with the latest advancements in genetics, immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

The centre, to be located in the Corachan Campus, will offer patients all the benefits of world-leading technology, and the experience and proven knowledge of a professional, well-regarded team. State of the art radiation oncology services will be provided by GenesisCare, benefiting from the group’s international network and global best practice.

Development of the new Centre of Excellence is underway, and is expected to be open for treatment early 2019. Once complete, services will be available in a space specifically designed for comfort, privacy and personalised treatment.

Internationally regarded radiation oncologist Prof Joaquim Bellmunt will lead the team, in partnership with GenesisCare Chief Medical Officer Dr Ignacio Azinovic, and medical oncology specialist Prof José Luis González Larriba.

Prof Bellmunt has been the director of the Bladder Cancer Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, and is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. As a medical researcher, Prof Bellmunt has led cancer trials for more than 20 years in Europe and the United States. Recently, his research in immunotherapy led to the approved use of an innovative and revolutionary immunotherapeutic treatment for genitourinary tumours in the United States and Europe.

Prof Bellmunt will consult medical oncology patients at the Corachan Clinic.

Personalised and cutting-edge treatment

The new centre will offer state-of-the-art techniques in medical and radiation oncology: image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT), volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT), intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and extra-cranial stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), among others. It will also be equipped with highly advanced technology, including the Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator.

Treatment planning, a key component to delivering high quality care, will be carried out using magnetic resonance – a pioneering approach for Spain.

In medical oncology, a complete personalised approach will be carried out with treatments according to the genomic profile of the tumour and the patient. The treatments will include chemotherapy, hormone therapy, target therapies and immunotherapy, as well as specific studies with liquid biopsy and genetic counselling.

The best care in an integrated centre

The centre will be part of the Corachan Clinic hospital campus, which has all the necessary services and infrastructure to offer high quality, integrated and multidisciplinary care to people with cancer. A particular focus has been given to the patient experience, including the design of functional spaces which have been thoughtfully designed.

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