First of its kind stereotactic technology expands treatment options for Queenslanders with complex cancers

Saturday October 24th

A high-precision technology, the Varian Edge with AlignRT and HyperArc integrations, is now available to treat patients with complex cancers at GenesisCare in Southport, Queensland.

The world-class technology combines two of the latest advancements in stereotactic radiation therapy to deliver treatment with high accuracy and precision.

Stereotactic radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that targets tumours in fewer high-dose treatments than traditional therapy, preserving healthy tissue and enabling fewer visits for treatment. There are two main types of stereotactic radiation therapy: stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for brain tumours, and stereotactic body radiation therapy for other body sites.

GenesisCare Radiation Oncologist, Dr Selena Young, said: “The Varian Edge with the AlignRT and HyperArc combination is the first-of-its-kind in the state, heralding a new era for stereotactic radiation therapy in Queensland.”

“For people with brain cancer, the new technology will allow us to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery, an intracranial non-invasive form of radiation therapy treatment which delivers precisely targeted radiation in fewer high-dose treatments than traditional techniques. By treating patients in a much shorter time frame, we can improve the treatment experience and our patients’ overall quality of life.”

The Varian Edge with AlignRT and HyperArc uses an open face mask and real time position monitoring to improve patient safety and comfort during treatment.

“The technology will also be used to deliver stereotactic body radiation therapy to treat multiple metastases across a wide range of other body sites and types of cancers, including breast, skin, prostate, liver, spine and head and neck cancers, as well as radical treatment for early stage non-small cell lung cancer,” said Dr Young.

Cancer is the leading burden of disease on the Gold Coast, with 3,826 locals diagnosed each year. The top five most commonly diagnosed cancers in the Gold Coast region are prostate cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer. Around 341 Queenslanders are diagnosed with malignant brain tumours every year.

GenesisCare Queensland Regional Medical Director of Oncology, Dr Sagar Ramani, said: “This combination of precision technology will enable our clinicians to pinpoint and treat multiple tumours, and at the same time reduce radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.”

“For our breast cancer patients, the skin surface tracking offered by the AlignRT will allow us to deliver radiation treatment without using permanent tattoo marks, eliminating the constant reminder of their cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“At GenesisCare we are committed to designing the best possible treatment experiences for our patients which is why we decided to install this innovative technology at our centre in Southport,” said Dr Ramani.


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