Fire danger warnings: New South Wales and Queensland

Wednesday November 11th

A message from the NSW Rural Fire Service: “Tomorrow (Tuesday) will see very dangerous fire conditions across NSW, including Catastrophic fire danger for the Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter and Illawarra/Shoalhaven areas. A statewide Total Fire Ban will remain in place tomorrow.”

“The simple thing to do is avoid bush fire prone areas, especially in the heat of the day. A safer area may be a large town or city, shopping centres or facilities well away from bushland areas. If you know someone who can’t move to a safer location, check in on them.”

Accessing fire danger ratings

To view Tuesday’s fire danger ratings in NSW please click here.

Queensland’s Rural Fire Service has also issued alerts in some regions please click here for more information.

Rural Fire Service emergency information

For comprehensive emergency information in NSW and a guide to developing a bush fire survival plan visit here.

Protecting your health

With smoke from fires in northern NSW starting to settle in some areas of the state, NSW Ambulance has shared advice for those with respiratory issues or who may feel the effects of smoke which may aggravate their existing condition.

“Ensure you stay hydrated and pay particular attention to any symptoms (dizziness, headaches, racing pulse or nausea) of heat related illness.”

“Be aware of potential hazards such as embers, falling debris, damage to surroundings and reduced visibility which can cause injury.”

The Department of Health also recommends that people with pre-existing lung or heart conditions keep away from smoke:

“When smoke is in the air, but a fire is not directly threatening you, stay indoors and close all windows and doors. If you operate an air conditioner during smoky conditions, switch it to ‘recycle’ or ‘recirculate’ to reduce smoke coming inside your home.”

For patients scheduled for appointments in New South Wales and Queensland

If you have any concerns about getting to an appointment with GenesisCare this week, please call your local clinic or centre to reschedule. The safety of you and your families, along with our teams on the ground, is our top priority.


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