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Our specialist team of haematology consultants can assess and diagnose conditions quickly so you can get the answers you need and plan any treatment immediately.

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Diagnostic haematology service

If you’re concerned about blood cancer symptoms or have had an abnormal blood test result, it’s important to see a specialist as soon as possible. There are many reasons why you may have symptoms or have had an abnormal result but if it is cancer, the sooner you get a diagnosis the better.

As the UK’s leading private cancer specialist, we have a dedicated team of consultant haematologists who run our haematology services providing assessment, diagnosis and treatment for blood disorders. We diagnose any condition which is causing your symptoms and will ensure you have the treatment you need. We will help you get the answers, without delay.

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What you need

If you’re using private medical insurance, you’ll need a GP referral. If you’re paying for yourself, you can book straightaway and you will be asked about your medical history

Who is the service for

You should attend the Rapid Access Haematology Service if you are worried about any of the below unexplained symptoms or if you have had an abnormal blood test result, such as anaemia or an abnormal blood count.

  • Sustained raised lymph glands – particularly in your neck, armpit or groin
  • Unexplained weight loss, sweating or fatigue
  • Unexplained bone pain
  • Unexplained bruising or unusual bleeding

These symptoms can also be due to a range of other conditions which can be treated, and are not always cancer. Our specialist team will assess your symptoms, make a diagnosis and ensure you have the appropriate treatment for your condition.

About your appointment

Initial appointment

An in-person or telephone consultation will be booked for the same day or following day and any blood test or scans done either on the day of your consultation or within 48 hours of your initial telephone consultation.  These may include:


The results of your tests and scans will be available within 48 hours so if you need any further tests these can be arranged as quickly as possible.

What happens next

If your consultant diagnoses a non-cancerous condition, we’ll discuss a treatment plan for you at an appropriate facility.

If your consultant diagnoses cancer, our expert team will review your case and agree the appropriate blood cancer treatment for you. Your treatment will start within seven days.

Our haematology consultants

Your consultations, tests and any subsequent treatment will be led by one of our highly experienced consultant haematologists. If you receive a cancer diagnosis, your case will be reviewed by our haematology multidisciplinary team (MDT) consisting of expert consultants and healthcare professionals specialising in haematology and cancer who will work together to decide your best treatment option.

Our Rapid Access Haematology Service is run by the following consultants:

Milton Keynes

Dr Moez Dungarwalla
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Graham Collins
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Toby Eyre
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Chris Hatton
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: N/A

Dr Jaimal Kothari
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Karthik Ramasamy
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Anna Schuh
Consultant haematologist
NHS trust: Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Dr Jaimal Kothari
Consultant haematologist
Special interest: Special clinical interest in myeloma, lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and general haematology.

Payment options

We are recognised by all the leading providers of private medical insurance. You may need to call your insurer for authorisation and obtain a GP referral letter, depending on your provider, to attend our service. We also offer self-pay options and prices are available from the centre.

Types of blood cancer

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Rapid Access Haematology Service

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