Geeta’s story – Exercise medicine during breast cancer treatment


Geeta is a busy mum of 2, who works as an accountant and enjoys taking walks with her family and painting henna.

In July 2021 she felt a lump in her breast which became painful, feeling this should be investigated she immediately booked an appointment with her GP. “I was then referred for a mammogram and biopsy, which unfortunately confirmed that I had breast cancer - It was a real shock and not news I was prepared for.

I have since had 7 sessions of chemotherapy followed by a lumpectomy in May 2022. The final phase of my treatment is 10 sessions of radiotherapy, and it was at this point I decided to access my husband’s work medical insurance so that I could find the best options available locally to me.

I was pleased to find that GenesisCare in Windsor had the latest radiotherapy treatments and techniques, and I arranged an appointment to see Dr Narottam Thanvi. During my initial consultation, Dr Thanvi explained the treatment process in an easy-to-understand way. Alongside my treatment, Dr Thanvi also discussed the integrative cancer care available at GenesisCare, through the wellness services of Penny Brohn UK and the personalised exercise programmes at the onsite exercise clinic. As I began my treatment, I felt reassured I was in the right place for me.

I am now midway through my radiotherapy treatment and 7 weeks into a 12-week personalised exercise programme. Throughout my cancer treatment, I have perhaps found tiredness the hardest part, particularly during my chemotherapy. I still go through waves of fatigue, but I have found that I always feel better after an exercise session and am definitely feeling stronger and more motivated. 

As a mum of 2, family life doesn’t stop so it's been really helpful to have my own time and do something just for myself.

Exercise has helped relieve some of the fatigue, and throughout my treatment, I have been advised to keep mobile. I have particularly benefitted from the one-to-one support in my personal exercise programme and have learned the benefits of having a balance of exercises and have been guided through my technique and posture.


I think a lot of people hear the word cancer and think the worst, but I’m so pleased to have now come through what has been a really tough year. My advice would be to just keep going. Exercising is really helping me both mentally and physically and I’m just really glad that I was introduced to this and have been able to benefit from it.