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When 63-year-old Mr. Davis noticed blood in his urine, he was understandably alarmed and took urgent action, visiting his GP. After a urine test showed no sign of a bladder infection, he was advised further investigation was needed to rule out other urological malignancy.

Mr Davis was offered a follow up appointment within 2 weeks under his local NHS system – however, appreciating the existing strains on the NHS due to the COVID-19 pandemic and not wanting to prolong his concern, he undertook his own search for a private urologist.

He identified Mr Philip Charlesworth, Consultant Urological Surgeon and within a few hours of his online enquiry, was scheduled to have a face-to-face consultation with Dr Charlesworth at the GenesisCare UrologyHub in Windsor.

Mr Charlesworth undertook an initial assessment, further examinations through a CT scan and an endoscopic examination of the bladder (all pre-arranged with the UrologyHub and Mr Davis’ insurance company) and was then able to show Mr Davis his CT scan images on the computer in his clinic room immediately afterwards. The facilities at the UrologyHub meant that everything (assessment, CT, endoscopy and follow up with imaging) could all be carried out during one episode, meaning Mr Davis could be formally discharged the same day with a benign diagnosis. All within 48 hours of his initial online enquiry.

Of his experience of the UrologyHub Mr Davis said:

“I feel extremely lucky that I had a good outcome, but regardless of that, the whole process with GenesisCare was very simple. I was impressed with the level of service and facilities at Windsor. It was great to see a consultant so quickly, undergo the necessary tests and receive my results all in one day. I was also immediately reassured by the safety protocols they have in place at the centre around COVID-19 – I felt very safe during the time I was there. What’s more, it was easy to access my private medical insurance as GenesisCare managed all the relevant documentation for me. I would highly recommend anybody experiencing any unusual symptoms to visit their GP and explore all options available to them.”


UrologyHub offers fast and easy access to expert urologists and diagnostic services for a wide range of health conditions for men and women. In many cases, you’ll get your results on the same day.

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