Dr Carla Perna
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Dr Carla Perna

Dr Carla Perna
MBBS, FRCR (equiv.), Clinical Oncologist

Languages spoken

English, Italian

Expert in

Genitourinary cancer, Prostate cancer, Testicular cancer


Dr Carla Perna qualified in 2009 in Italy, she trained in Radiation Oncology and spent 2 years doing research in pelvic radiotherapy at the University College of London Hospital. She is a Specialist Advisor of Uro Oncology at GenesisCare. Together with the Uro Oncology clinical group of consultants she has contributed to the launch of 5-day radiotherapy for prostate cancer5# SABR for prostate cancerre-irradiation for prostate cancer that has returned, and renal SABR.   

She has been appointed as Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, and Frimley Park Hospital in Camberley. She specialises in urological cancers with a particular interest in prostate and testicular cancers.

With her team, she performs 400 prostate brachytherapy cases a year using both Low-dose-rate and High-dose-rate technique.

Carla is heavily involved in research, having been the Principal Investigator for most of the urological trials, including using the newest radiotherapy techniques with hypo fractionation and SpaceOAR, systemic treatment including immunotherapy for prostate cancer and Theranostic (Lutetium PSMA for metastatic prostate cancer).

Career positions

Current position(s)
  • Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Frimley Park Hospital

Expertise and interests

  • Technical radiotherapy with brachytherapy
  • MRIdian advanced radiotherapy
  • Stereotactic hypofractionated radiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy - Simple SABR
  • Radiotherapy - Complex Abdo SABR (MRL only)
  • Radiotherapy - Prostate SABR
  • Radiotherapy - Urological

Professional memberships

  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • MDU


  • Long-term survival after Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Localised Prostate Cancer: the Royal Surrey experience
  • Rectal spacing hydrogel - significant improvements in rectal dosimetry in LDR prostate brachytherapy Mehta, Sheel; Khaksar, Sara; Perna, Carla; Otter, Sophie; Mikropoulos, Christos; Cunningham, Mel; Uribe-Lewis, Santiago; Uribe, Jennifer; Langley, Stephen
  • Predicting benefit of radium 223 based on biochemical response and site of metastasis: A real life multicenter UK study
  • Robot Assisted Salvage Seminal Vesicle Excision for isolated recurrence after Low Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy
  • Is this the time to move for  non -isotropic PTV margin? A study to determine intra and inter fraction motion of prostate and seminal Vesicle from 0.35T MR guided radiotherapy
  • Quality of life for men with prostate cancer contemporaneously randomly allocated to receive either docetaxel or abiraterone in STAMPEDE; an adaptive, multi-arm, multi-stage, platform randomised controlled trial
  • Spacing hydrogel symmetry in patients undergoing prostate radiotherapy – local anaesthetic vs general anaesthetic
  • Implementation of Stereotactic MRI-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy (SMART) for Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancers in the United Kingdom – Fifty in Five. Andrew Gaya, Philip Camilleri, Adam Nash, Donna Hughes, Ben George, Veni Ezhil, Nicola Dallas, Ami Sabharwal, Prantik Das, Carla Perna, Niall McAndrew, Paul Gearing, James Good  (Clin Onc 2020)
  • LDR brachytherapy boost for high risk prostate cancer; an evidence based approach (Clinc Onc-2020)
  • Book chapters:
    • Disease recurrence after radical prostatectomy (RP)
    • Risk stratification in patients with post-prostatectomy recurrence or PSA persistence
    • Clinical staging/Diagnostic imaging
    • Salvage Radiotherapy
    • Androgen deprivation Therapy
    • Salvage Radical Prostatectomy