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  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment shouldn’t be delayed. Read the highlights from #AskGenesisCare

Cancer diagnosis and treatment shouldn’t be delayed. Read the highlights from #AskGenesisCare

We believe that cancer diagnosis and treatment shouldn’t be delayed during the pandemic and we’re keen to hear your thoughts on how we can collaborate to build efficiency for ensuring cancer patients have access to diagnosis and treatment when they need it.

During our Twitter takeover on 22nd July to #AskGenesisCare, James McArthur, General Manager – UK was responding to your comments and questions. Take a look at some of the highlights….


James – The current pandemic has, and will continue to influence how diagnosis and treatments are delivered in the future. How has clinical practice adapted to support delivering #cancer diagnosis and treatments safely during #covid? #AskGenesisCare

User A –  Absolutely. All providers have had to adapt, with #sabr in particular ramping up. We have seen more patients opting for #MRIdian #MRL #radiotherapy throughout COVID.  In particular #prostate #liver and #pancreas

User B – Yes, #MRIdian has allowed us to ‘treat the untreatable’ when it comes to some cancers in the liver and pancreas – excellent tumour control in five treatment sessions, with mild nausea and fatigue being the most common side effects. Clinical trial access imminent!


James – Radiotherapy can be given safely as an outpatient treatment with no risk to immune system. With hypofractionation we can treat patients with precision and few visits to clinic.  It’s a viable alternative to surgery and chemotherapy. #AskGenessiCare

User C – That’s right, this approach works in a variety of situations – patients with breast, prostate, lung, pancreas, liver, rectal and some secondary tumours can all benefit.


User D – What’s the newest innovation in cancer care you’re most excited about? #AskGenesisCare

James – Thanks user D, where to start! There is a  #RenaissanceInRadiotherapy which is great for patients. #Theranostics is also a game-changer for some patients. It’s a targeted therapy like a seek and destroy missile for hard to treat cancers #AskGenesisCare #CancerCare


User E – What are your thoughts on tracking and tracing in regard to containing Covid-19? #AskGenesisCare

James – Thanks user E, this is tricky as we know for track & trace to be effective we need broad adoption if App based. Providing the data privacy is assured by the Govt & we use a proven technology we should all download & support to control the virus. #technology #cancercare


User F – Now that COVID-19 lockdown has eased, are you looking to have more face to face clinics in centre?

James – Hi user F, Great question! We love seeing our patients but keeping them safe is #1 priority. Virtual consultations should continue where possible but those needing face-to-face consultations are safe to come into our stand alone specialist clinics. #innovation #telehealth


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