68Gallium PSMA

The diagnostic gold standard for our prostate Theranostic service due to its superiority over other radionuclides and imaging modalities such as MRI

Seek – with 68Gallium PSMA

Currently, all patients undergoing 177Lutetium PSMA therapy at GenesisCare are required to have a 68Gallium PSMA PET/ CT scan.

PET/CT is a powerful modality used to detect metastases, stage cancers and, in the case of Theranostics, prepare for peptide receptor radionuclide therapy such as 177Lutetium PSMA therapy.

In recent years, various radio-labelled PSMA ligands have been investigated for PET. 68Gallium PSMA is an effective radiotracer for use in diagnosis of prostate cancer, due to its increased specificity with low PSA levels and sensitivity to tumour, lymph and bone metastases. This is when compared to other radiotracers such as 11C Choline and 18F-fluoromethylcholine. PET with 68Gallium PSMA is also superior to traditional bone imaging and can differentiate between bone damage caused by cancer and other causes, such as osteoporosis.2,3


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