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Refer your patients or become part of our team of world-class doctors providing exceptional treatment and care.

Experts working as teams

GenesisCare is one of the UK’s leading independent providers of advanced and innovative radiotherapy and cancer therapies. We operate 14 specialist oncology outpatient centres and work with over 750 oncologists and surgeons in the UK to design and deliver cancer pathways which improve life outcomes for our patients. 

We use our experience and resources to evaluate and invest early in new evidence-based cancer diagnostics, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Theranostics. Our multi-modality and multidisciplinary approach allows us to collaborate with healthcare professionals who share our vision to ensure fast access to world-class cancer care. 

Our highly experienced cancer experts work as teams to ensure that every patient can access exceptional treatment and care, within days of diagnosis. 

Refer your patients

We’re dedicated to always improving the experience and care of our patients by offering the latest diagnostics, treatments and technologies in our state-of-the-art centres. 

We can usually offer appointments within 24 hours and we provide complete rapid access pathways – with five days from plan to treatment. 

Refer for diagnostics

Refer for treatment

At GenesisCare, through regulation and governance, we deliver the latest evidence-based treatments in a safe and high-quality environment. 

If you’d like to work more closely with us and provide treatment, apply for practising privileges at one of our centres.  

Alternatively, patients can be referred directly to one of our surgeons or oncologists. The surgeons consult at private hospitals near our centres and have established referral pathways to the oncologists who work with us.  

Practising privileges

We welcome talented oncologists, surgeons or related cancer specialists who wish to partner with us. 

We can help you build your private practice with advice about secretarial support, practice management systems, website and marketing support, free consultation rooms and education and engagement events throughout the year. Our state-of-the-art IT solutions mean that tasks such as CT contouring, planning and plan approval can all be completed remotely. 

Four quick steps

1. Apply for practising privileges 

Contact your local Referrer Engagement Manager (REM) at, and they will walk you through the process. Our Medical Advisory Committee meets monthly or as necessary to approve practising privileges 

2. Build your private practice 

Your REM will help you to build your referral network and to develop your private practice 

3. Register for the online referral portal 

Contact your REM for a login and training session so you can quickly and easily refer patients via our secure, encrypted online portal. Or fill in a paper referral form and hand or fax it to the relevant centre 

4. Confirmation of scans and tests 

GenesisCare will liaise over scans, tests and results 

GP referral directory

GPs can refer patients for diagnostics and clinics directly or to local consultants referring to and working with GenesisCare. You can find a list of consultants in your area, as well as more information about our services, in your local GP referral directory.

Download your local oncology referral directory for GPs:

Make an enquiry

Contact our GP support team today to speak to a member of our experienced team about referring your patients to GenesisCare.

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