Supporting you to thrive

At GenesisCare, we offer you a personalised care experience, and we help and support you to thrive.

Welcome to GenesisCare's Thrivorship programme - the people and support services we partner with, and further resources to help you.

Since 2021, it is estimated that there are around one million people who have lived with cancer or are currently living with cancer.Generally cancer survival has improved in recent years, and broadly speaking, it's thought the reasons for this are better awareness of risk factors, cancer screening programs and importantly, improvements in treatment and care.As more treatment options become available, GenesisCare hopes that more people will survive cancer diagnoses and have greater opportunities to thrive. GenesisCare believes it is important you feel supported, understood and in an environment where you can thrive.

About the Thrivorship programme

The GenesisCare Thrivorship programme aims to offer care and support through:

  • Educating and working with GPs to improve care coordination and communication
  • Offering support and empowerment after your cancer treatment
  • Regular meetings with members of the programme

At GenesisCare, we seek to provide these things through regular follow-up appointments with your radiation oncologist, good quality communication between us and your GP through the adoption of Survivorship Care Plans, and encouragement to take ownership of your health through one-to-one educational opportunities with nurses. We also work closely with St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside and Choices Cancer Support Centre.

As part of the Thrivorship meetings a series of free, Zoom-based talks run throughout the year. Organised and chaired by Dr Leesa Jackson and colleagues from many clinics across Brisbane and beyond, the talks cover topics that are important to anyone who has a history of cancer, and the people who love them. Thrivors are invited to come along, ask questions, and build connections with others who have shared experiences.

In addition, all Thrivors are referred to additional services where required, such as:

  • Exercise physiologist.
  • Lymphoedema and breast oncology physiotherapy.
  • Dietitian.

Who is the Thrivorship programme for?

The Thrivorship programme can be accessed, and meetings may be attended by anyone with an interest or link to cancer, including:

  • Health professionals with an interest in cancer.
  • People currently being treated with cancer.
  • People who have had any cancer treatment.
  • Carers and loved ones.

At the meetings, you can meet with and talk to other people who have experienced cancer, carers and loved ones, and healthcare professionals working in the area.

Got questions or queries?

For further information, please contact: Dr Leesa Jackson

Tel: (07) 3917 4400


About Dr Leesa Jackson

Leesa is originally from Townsville in North Queensland. She spent most of her life there and studied medicine at James Cook University. After graduating, she worked in public hospitals around the state before starting her role at GenesisCare.

Most of Leesa’s career has been spent in oncology (both medical and radiation) and she has a genuine passion for patient support, education, counselling, and thrivorship.

Leesa has implemented changes at her local centre that focus on improving patient care, particularly around transition periods which can often be a source of distress for patients. She is currently undertaking further education in psychology and has plans to set up a research project into cancer-related fatigue management.

In her spare time, Leesa teaches speech and drama to young children at a local primary school and enjoys spending time with her family.

Helpful resources

Cancer Council Queensland
Lilley Place Cancer Wellbeing Centre
4/322 Moggill Rd, Indooroopilly QLD 4068 (in Indooroopilly Shopping Centre)
Tel: 0490 742 882

The Wesley Hospital – Choices Cancer Support Centre

Exercise Physiologist
Pear Exercise Physiology
6/52 Jeffcott St, Wavell Heights
Tel: 0478 116 700

Qld Lymphoedema and Breast Oncology Physiotherapy
Dr Robyn Box
Suite 6, 197 Days Rd, Grange
Tel: (07) 3356 7737

Karen K Physiotherapy
24 Woodburn Place, Ferny Hills
Tel: (07) 3851 0762

Michelle Graham
Chermside Medical Complex. 956 Gympie Rd, Chermside
Tel: (07) 3861 4677


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