Precision radiotherapy

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Radiotherapy is an effective treatment for gastric MALT lymphoma, which can be a curable disease when detected at an early stage. Lymphoma is very sensitive to radiotherapy which uses high energy beams to destroy cancer cells.

The MRIdian is the latest type of radiotherapy machine that uses real-time MRI images that can show the exact position and shape of the tumour during treatment, so it can target radiation at the tumour with precision accuracy which is particularly important when treating delicate areas of the body, like the stomach.

Benefits of the MRIdian

The advantage of the MRIdian is that it can see and adjust to every movement during treatment, making it ideal for treating gastric MALT lymphoma.

Real-time imaging for accurate targeting

As the stomach is constantly changing shape and position, it can be difficult to target. The MRIdian shows the exact position and shape of your tumour while your treatment is happening, this provides a clear view of the treatment area for consultants. This also means that if your tumour temporarily moves slightly out of position, such as if gas moves through your bowel and rectum, your treatment will automatically pause. This helps to protect your healthy tissues from damage

Reduced side effects

The stomach is also very close to other delicate internal organs which need to be protected from the radiation beam. The exceptional accuracy of the MRIdian means that the radiation beam is less likely to damage surrounding healthy tissue than with conventional radiotherapy. If healthy tissue is damaged, side effects may occur which can be short term or longer lasting.

These key benefits help to minimise any long-term effects of radiotherapy years after treatment and makes MRIdian MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy a safe and precise way to treat gastric MALT lymphoma. This ground-breaking treatment is available at GenesisCare and very few other centres across the UK.

GenesisCare is an expert provider of advanced radiotherapy treatments and has invested in the MRIdian to offer our patients access to this latest, world-class treatment here in the UK.

Enquire now about the MRIdian

The MRIdian is available at our centres in Oxford and Cromwell Hospital in London. Your cancer specialist can refer you for a consultation. We're recognised by all major insurers, and we'll help you with transport depending on treatment and locations, when required.

Am I suitable for treatment with MRIdian?

Gastric MALT lymphoma is usually detected in the early stages of the disease and can be treated with antibiotics if the cause is due to H.pylori infection. If it isn't caused by infection, or if the antibiotics haven't worked, your doctor will discuss other treatment options, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy and radiotherapy.

MRIdian radiotherapy can be an option if your lymphoma is localised to your stomach.

How long does it take?

Treatment is delivered in 12 treatment sessions over three weeks treating daily.

The MRIdian is exclusively available at our centres in Oxford and Cromwell Hospital in London. This world-class radiotherapy system provides a non-invasive treatment option for patients with gastric MALT lymphoma. If you’re already undergoing a course of chemotherapy, you'll need to leave a short break after any chemotherapy, although you may be able to continue with any immunotherapy. Our doctors will explain everything to you and answer any questions you might have.

What are the side effects of stomach radiotherapy with the MRIdian?

Your GenesisCare consultant will discuss with you what side effects you're likely to experience, which may include mild tiredness and nausea, which responds well to anti-sickness medications  . 

It's important that you attend your follow-up appointments so we can identify and treat any problems as soon as possible. Your consultant and radiographers can also provide advice about things you can try to help. No question is too small if you have any queries or concerns.

We know that living with cancer can be challenging. That's why you'll also be offered support through life-changing therapies, such as psychological support and wellbeing therapies. These are provided to all patients at no extra cost to you or your insurer, to help you manage the side effects of treatment and symptoms of cancer.

Radiotherapy for gastric MALT lymphoma

Non-invasive procedure

Radiotherapy delivered on the MRIdian is a completely non-invasive procedure, without the need for tattoos which may be required for radiotherapy delivered on other machines.

Radiotherapy is a proven approach

Clinical studies have shown very good response rates following radiotherapy for gastric MALT lymphoma. MRIdian MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy is a modern radiotherapy technique that is increasingly used worldwide, which allows for accurate delivery with reduced toxicity to healthy tissues, meaning fewer side effects.

Please ask any questions about your treatment at any time. Our team are always ready to answer.

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