World-class breast cancer oncology

A world-class breast cancer pathway, with access within two weeks. We are the leading private oncology provider, renowned for providing fast, efficient, high-quality care.

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Our rapid access breast pathways

Our breast cancer service brings together best practice and the latest evidence-based treatments from around the world, from symptomatic and early-stage cancer diagnosis at our one stop breast clinics, through to advanced and palliative care. This end-to-end service is delivered across our 14 outpatient oncology centres, and through our partner hospitals, in collaboration with more than 150 oncologists, surgeons and healthcare specialists.

We’re proud to be in the top 1% of health providers worldwide.

- GenesisCare

Quality is assured through a robust governance process guided by a clinical reference group of oncologists and surgeons and implemented through a multidisciplinary team framework. We provide an integrated care pathway which delivers a seamless experience and the best possible outcome for every patient.

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0808 2532 761
0808 2532 761

Make an enquiry for more information about our breast services, how to gain practising privileges or to refer a patient for diagnostics, radiotherapy, or systemic anti-cancer therapy.



Advanced and innovative treatments for breast cancer

At our oncology outpatient centres throughout the UK, we provide a range of specialist services.

Advanced radiotherapy techniques as standard

Our centres are equipped with the latest generation linear accelerators and motion monitoring technology.

  • Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) – a novel intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) technique enabling a highly conformal dose for organ-sparing and reduced toxicity
  • Image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) for precision and dose targeting accuracy
  • Automation and MiM planning software for faster turnaround from planning scan to treatment
  • Surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT) and AlignRT for positioning and motion monitoring

These systems, and the quality and speed of our dosimetry and radiotherapy planning support teams, allows our oncologists to routinely offer VMAT, and advanced and innovative external beam radiotherapy protocols for the treatment of breast cancer, including:

  • Partial breast irradiation, delivered over one week (IMPORT low trial1)
  • Deep inspiration breath hold (DIBH) to provide cardiac-sparing treatment for all left-sided cancers and right-sided breast cancers where clinically appropriate (for example, internal mammary chain)
  • Tattoo-free treatments
  • Short course treatments over just five daily visits for whole breast radiotherapy (Fast-Forward trial2)
  • Accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) using IMRT (Florence study3)
  • Simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) using IMRT and VMAT

Medical oncology

Our medical oncology centres offer a complete SACT service and are accredited with the MacMillan Quality Environment Mark. The service is provided in private suites by highly experienced clinical nurse specialists and on-site phlebotomists, with a 24/7 on-call service.

Recurrence, oligometastatic disease and palliative care

We aim to provide the best possible life outcomes for all patients with advanced disease and to extend survival and maintain quality of life. We access advanced gene panels to identify appropriate targeted and chemotherapies. An MDT approach ensures patients benefit from our capabilities in stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).

Rapid access to treatment and palliative radiotherapy protocols improves quality of life and outcomes for our patients with oligometastatic disease

- GenesisCare

We are a centre of excellence for:

  • Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) offering complex targeted radiotherapy at many of our centres.
  • MRIdian MR-guided radiotherapy at our centres in Oxford and London
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) at London and Oxford within a specialist neuro-oncology pathway that includes neuro-imaging techniques to preserve cognitive function

MRI-guided SABR case study

A patient with a history of HER2- ER+ breast cancer who had undergone wide local excision and post-operative radiotherapy, chemotherapy and endocrine therapy. She relapsed with three liver metastases on FDG PET and MRI and was referred for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR).

Precision medicine and diagnostics

Our pathways draw on the latest diagnostic modalities and genomic profiling techniques providing our patients with an accurate prognosis and to guide treatment decisions. We currently use validated tools such as:

  • Prosigna
  • Oncotype DX
  • EndoPredict

GenesisCare will shortly offer DCISionRT to patients with DCIS to guide radiotherapy treatment decisions with details to be announced soon.

Fast access to a fully integrated pathway within two weeks.

Our diagnostic and one stop breast clinics provide a rapid access pathway for symptomatic patients to see a consultant or breast surgeon and access a fully integrated treatment pathway within a private setting.

Patients can self-refer if they are self-funding.

Clinics utilise 3D digital mammography and tomosynthesis as the ‘best-in-class’ diagnostic modality for breast cancer. We commit to biopsy results within seven days.

Depending on urgency and patient preference, treatment is reviewed at an MDT meeting and can commence within 14 days of a confirmed diagnosis.

We work closely with referring clinicians and GPs.

GPs can refer for diagnostics directly to GC or to a referring surgeon. Download our GP referral directory for your nearest centre for a list of services, referring surgeons and oncologists.

Make an enquiry

0808 2532 761
0808 2532 761

Make an enquiry for more information about our breast services, how to gain practising privileges or to refer a patient for diagnostics, radiotherapy, or systemic anti-cancer therapy.



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