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Mr Oliver Wiseman

  • MA FRCS (Urol)
  • Consultant Urologist


Awards received

  • 2017: Karl Storz Harold Hopkins Golden telescope by BAUS, an award which recognises excellence in young urologists
  • 2018: the Karl Storz Silver Cystoscope for recognising excellence in training urologists

Clinical interests

Mr Wiseman specialises in the treatment of urinary tract stone disease. This includes use of the holmium laser to treat kidney stones, the metabolic investigation of patients with kidney stones, and in the minimally invasive management of patients with upper tract urothelial cancer. His other interest is in the management of male infertility, and he works together with Bourn Hall Clinic, the world famous infertility clinic, to offer men with fertility problems appropriate treatment. He also sees patients with general urological problems, and performs microsurgical reversal of vasectomy, with excellent audited results. In addition Mr Wiseman looks after patients with a wide range of urological conditions, including the investigation and management of patients with blood in the urine (haematuria), lower urinary tract symptoms, prostate problems, urinary infections (UTI), and testicular (eg: hydrocoele, testicular cancer, epididymal cyst) and penile problems (phimosis, circumcision).

Publications & affiliations

Professional memberships

  • British Association of Urological Surgeons
  • European Association of Urology
  • Endourological Society
  • European Society of Urological Technology
  • British Medical Association

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