Dr Vivek Mohan

Dr Vivek Mohan
Consultant Medical Oncologist

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Breast cancer, cancer of unknown primary and non-specific but concerning symptoms for cancer



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Breast Cancer

Dr. Mohan has completed extensive training in the treatment of a wide variety of tumour sites at Oxford, Cambridge, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology, and Nottingham. After completing oncology training, Dr. Mohan developed a special interest in treating patients with breast cancer and cancer of unknown primary (CUP).

As a breast oncology consultant at the Bristol Cancer Institute, Dr. Mohan has in-depth experience managing female and male patients with all stages of breast cancer for almost a decade. Dr. Mohan has extensive understanding and experience in treating patients with standard adjuvant, neo-adjuvant, and palliative chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and various targeted therapies such as anti-Her 2, PARP inhibitors, and CDK 4/6 inhibitor treatment.

Dr. Mohan is an active member of the breast cancer multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDT) and breast complex care meetings (CCM) at Bristol. Additionally, Dr. Mohan works very closely with the cancer psychology team to provide compassionate and comprehensive overall care and support for patients.

Cancer of unknown primary

Dr Mohan is the lead oncologist for CUP (cancer of unknown primary) at Bristol Cancer Institute and part of the CUP MDT at Bristol. Cancer of unknown primary is a rare diagnosis with a very poor outcome. As a consultant Medical Oncologist, Dr Mohan has been treating CUP patients at the Bristol Cancer Institute for approximately a decade. Patients with cancer of unknown primary are best to be referred urgently for diagnostic work up and an early start of treatment. 

Non-Specific but concerning symptoms for Cancer

As part of the process to detect cancer early, Dr Mohan has been the lead oncologist delivering the Non-specific but concerning symptom pathway for patients in Bristol and Weston between 2022-24 at the Bristol Cancer Institute.


Career Positions

Current position(s)

  • Consultant Medical Oncologist

Expertise and interests

  • Breast cancer
  • Cancer of Unkown Primary
  • Non-specific symptoms concerning for cancer

Professional associations

  • UK breast cancer group
  • Association of cancer physicians
  • Royal college of physicians
  • European society of medical oncologists

Publications & affiliations

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List of Book Chapter

1.    DNA Base Excision Repair: Evolving Biomarkers for Personalized Therapies in Cancer, Vivek Mohan and Srinivasan Madhusudan  http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/54607