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Dr Shivan Sivakumar

  • BMedSci, MBBS, PhD, MRCP
  • Honorary consultant in Medical Oncology, Clinical development fellow in medical oncology, University of Oxford


Awards received

  • NCRI future of research award 2020

Clinical interests

  • Hepatopancreatobiliary oncology
  • Drug development in gastrointestinal oncology
  • Pancreatic cancer research

Publications and affiliations

  1. Sivakumar, S., Abu-Shah, E., Ahern, D., Arbe-Barnes, E.H., Mangal, N., Reddy, S., Rendek, A., Easton, A., Kurz, E., Silva, M. and Heij, L.R., 2020. Immune responses in pancreatic cancer may be restricted by prevalence of activated regulatory T-cells, dysfunctional CD8+ T-cells, and senescent T-cells.bioRxiv.
  2. Lee, L.Y., Cazier, J.B., Starkey, T., Turnbull, C.D., Team, U.C.C.M.P., Kerr, R. and Middleton, G., 2020. COVID-19 mortality in patients with cancer on chemotherapy or other anticancer treatments: a prospective cohort study.The Lancet.
  3. De Santiago, I., Yau, C., Heij, L., Middleton, M.R., Markowetz, F., Grabsch, H.I., Dustin, M.L. and Sivakumar, S., 2019. Immunophenotypes of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: Meta‐analysis of transcriptional subtypes.International journal of cancer145(4), pp.1125-1137.
  4. Sivakumar, S., de Santiago, I., Chlon, L. and Markowetz, F., 2017. Master regulators of oncogenic KRAS response in pancreatic cancer: an integrative network biology analysis.PLoS medicine14(1), p.e1002223.
  5. Grabsch, H., Sivakumar, S., Gray, S., Gabbert, H.E. and Müller, W., 2010. HER2 expression in gastric cancer: rare, heterogeneous and of no prognostic value–conclusions from 924 cases of two independent series.Analytical Cellular Pathology32(1-2), pp.57-65.

Professional memberships

  • Membership of Royal College of Physicians
  • ESMO
  • ASCO
  • ESMO