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Dr Shivan Sivakumar

Dr Shivan Sivakumar
BMedSci, MBBS, PhD, MRCP. Honorary consultant in Medical Oncology, Clinical development fellow in medical oncology, University of Oxford

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Expert in

Medical Oncology 




Peters Way, Sandy Lane West, Oxford, OX4 6LB

51.7239071200697, -1.2145938932540707
+44 (0)1865 237 700
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Dr Shivan Sivakumar is a medical oncologist with a particular interest in cancers of the pancreas, biliary tree and liver. His predominant employment is with the University of Oxford and he runs a clinical trials programme in all three cancer groups. Dr Sivakumar also runs a translational research programme in pancreatic cancer at the university as there is a high need for novel therapeutics and diagnostics for this cancer.

Clinical interests

  • Hepatopancreatobiliary oncology
  • Drug development in gastrointestinal oncology
  • Pancreatic cancer research

Professional memberships

  • Membership of Royal College of Physicians
  • ESMO
  • ASCO
  • ESMO


Awards received

  • NCRI future of research award 2020


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