Dr Dakshinamoorthy Muthukumar

Dr Dakshinamoorthy Muthukumar
MD, M.Sc., MRCP, FRCR, Clinical oncologist

Languages spoken


Expert in

Lung cancer, thoracic and urological malignancies included prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers


Dr Muthu Kumar is a recognised Clinical Oncologist based at our Chelmsford centre and specialises in lung cancer, thoracic and urological malignancies included prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers.

Dr Kumar has a keen interest in clinical research and has been the Principal Investigator for several NRCN and industry led commercial clinical trials in lung and urological cancers. He also works at Colchester General as a Consultant in Oncology. Dr. Kumar leads the Stereotactic radiotherapy services at Colchester General Hospital.

Career positions

Current position(s)
  • Clinical oncologist, Chelmsford centre
  • Consultant Oncologist, Colchester General Hospital, Colchester
  • Lead oncologist for upper GI cancers and renal cancers at Essex County Hospitals, Colchester Hospitals University Foundation Trust

Expertise and interests

  • Lung cancer, thoracic and urological malignancies included prostate, bladder, and kidney cancers
  • Systemic and radiotherapy treatment of lung cancer.
  • SBRT for lung cancer and oligometastatic disease.
  • Molecular radiotherapy using Radium 223.
  • Systemic and modern radiotherapy using IMRT/IGRT for prostate cancer.

Professional memberships

  • Member of Royal College of Radiologists, UK
  • Member of European society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology- ESTRO
  • Member of British Thoracic Oncology group
  • Member of British Uro-oncology group



  • Keith Durrant Memorial Award , awarded by Royal college of Radiologists, 2004.


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