VMAT for skin cancerisation

We are the first provider in the UK to offer VMAT for skin field cancerisation

A modern technique

Volumetric modulated arc therapy – known as VMAT radiotherapy – is a promising option for extensive skin field cancerisation where other treatments no longer work or can’t be tolerated. To bring this world-leading approach to the UK, we have collaborated with GenesisCare in Australia, which has a long-established service for patients with skin field cancerisation.

Non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, but it is mostly not life-threatening. It can occur on its own or within wider areas of pre-cancerous skin tissue containing abnormal cells – this is known as extensive skin field cancerisation. Even though this is not cancerous, there’s a chance it may eventually turn into cancer if the area isn’t treated.

These pre-cancerous and cancerous tissues can return after treatment, meaning that those treatments may need to continue for many years, affecting your quality of life, and they may become ineffective or not well tolerated.

Is VMAT radiotherapy for me?

Having VMAT radiotherapy treatment may be suitable for you if you have extensive skin field cancerisation and if you’ve previously tried other treatments, such as skin creams or photodynamic therapy, that have not worked.

VMAT radiotherapy may also be recommended for you if you’re unable to tolerate other treatments, for instance if they cause a lot of skin inflammation or pain.

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What is VMAT radiotherapy

VMAT is a modern radiotherapy technique that works by delivering a continuous beam of radiotherapy in an arc around your body. As the machine (called a linac) moves, it changes the beam shape and treatment dose automatically. It’s very accurate and maximises the radiation dose to the tumour while minimising the overall dose to surrounding healthy tissue. This greatly reduces the side effects expected from traditional radiotherapy to the skin – such as scarring or spider veins.

VMAT radiotherapy can be used to safely treat the skin surface without treating the underlying healthy tissue. It can be used even in highly curved areas, such as whole arms or legs, and to protect organs that lie beneath the skin, such as in the head and neck area.

What does treatment involve?

Here is an outline of what to expect during your treatment at GenesisCare. There are five stages to the process: your initial CT scan appointment, second CT scan appointment, planning, treatment and follow-up.

Side effects


With VMAT, you may experience fewer side effects than with traditional radiotherapy. However, as with all treatments, there are side effects that you may experience.

Your doctor will explain about the potential side effects and how to manage them.

During treatment, your radiographers will be available to provide more advice about side effects , including what can help improve them and anything to avoid. It’s also important that you attend your follow-up appointments so we can identify and treat any problems as soon as possible.

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